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About me

Hey there,

I'm Dero, a developer with Sandbox Interactive. When I first heard about the Albion Online Wiki being revived I jumped in and said "What about hosting our own one?". Thus I became responsible for providing you with the best wiki experience you can get. I'll manage this page to show you what we have in store for you in terms of custom extensions to the wiki and how you can use them.

If there are any issues don't hesitate with contacting me in the forums or on discord.

Custom AO Editor Tags

<aoitem>Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>

<aoitem quality="2">Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>

<aoitem quality="3">Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>

<aoitem quality="4">Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>

<aoitem quality="5">Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>

<aoitem enchantment="1">Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>

<aoitem enchantment="2">Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>

<aoitem enchantment="3">Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>

<aoitem quality="5" enchantment="3">Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>

<aoitem language="de">Jägerjacke des Adepten</aoitem>

<aoitem size="50">Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>

<aospell>Aggressive Caster</aospell>

<aospell size="50">Aggressive Caster</aospell>

<aospell language="de">Aggressiver Zaubernder</aospell>

<aodestiny>Journeyman Cloth Armor Fighter</aodestiny>

Semantics Data

We added semantics extension to mediawiki which enables us to re-use data from one page on another page using inline queries.

For example here are all helmet's we have set data on in this wiki:

 TierItem powerWeightMax hit pointsMax energyHit points regenerationEnergy regeneration
Beginner's Mercenary Hood11000.5 kg185.50.18 /s0.07 /s
Novice's Soldier Helmet23000.8 kg57180.57 /s0.23 /s
Novice's Mercenary Hood23000.8 kg57180.57 /s0.23 /s
Novice's Scholar Cowl23000.8 kg57180.57 /s0.23 /s
Journeyman's Soldier Helmet35001.1 kg101331 /s0.41 /s
Journeyman's Scholar Cowl35001.1 kg101331 /s0.41 /s
Journeyman's Mercenary Hood35001.1 kg101331 /s0.41 /s
Adept's Mage Cowl47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Scholar Cowl47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Fisherman Cap47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Quarrier Cap47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Skinner Cap47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Miner Cap47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Lumberjack Cap47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Harvester Cap47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Assassin Hood47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Hunter Hood47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Mercenary Hood47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Cleric Cowl47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Soldier Helmet47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Knight Helmet47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Guardian Helmet47001.7 kg151511.5 /s0.64 /s
Adept's Druid Cowl47251.7 kg158531.6 /s0.67 /s
Adept's Royal Cowl47251.7 kg158531.6 /s0.67 /s
Adept's Royal Hood47251.7 kg158531.6 /s0.67 /s
Adept's Stalker Hood47251.7 kg158531.6 /s0.67 /s
Adept's Royal Helmet47251.7 kg158531.6 /s0.67 /s
Adept's Graveguard Helmet47251.7 kg158531.6 /s0.67 /s
Adept's Fiend Cowl47501.7 kg164561.6 /s0.7 /s
Adept's Hellion Hood47501.7 kg164561.6 /s0.7 /s
Adept's Demon Helmet47501.7 kg164561.6 /s0.7 /s
Adept's Cultist Cowl47751.7 kg171591.7 /s0.73 /s
Adept's Specter Hood47751.7 kg171591.7 /s0.73 /s
Adept's Judicator Helmet47751.7 kg171591.7 /s0.73 /s
Expert's Guardian Helmet58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Fisherman Cap58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Quarrier Cap58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Skinner Cap58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Miner Cap58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Lumberjack Cap58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Harvester Cap58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Adept's Hood of Tenacity48001.7 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Assassin Hood58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Hunter Hood58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Mercenary Hood58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Knight Helmet58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Soldier Helmet58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Adept's Helmet of Valor48001.7 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Adept's Cowl of Purity48001.7 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
Expert's Scholar Cowl58002.5 kg178611.8 /s0.76 /s
... further results