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suggested draft:

Tilden Weapons

Unlocking the Tilden node on the Destiny Board allows you to use the different weapons and spells below. Tilden weapons do limited damage but have great utility. They can shield your allies, boost their damage, or cleanse them of stuns and negative effects. In addition, they can also purge enemies, increase damage done to them, and drain their energy.

Normal Tilden Weapons Slot
Arcane Staff 1-hand
Great Arcane Staff 2-hand
Enigmatic Staff 2-hand
Artifact Tilden Weapons Slot Notes
Witchwork Staff 1-hand Crafted using Lost Arcane Crystal
Occult Staff 2-hand Crafted using Occult Orb
Malevolent Locus 2-hand Crafted using Possessed Catalyst

Note: Artifact weapons require the listed artifact when crafting them, in addition to the normal refined resources.


  • You can only select 1 ability per slot (Q, W, E, and Passive slot).
  • The Q,W, & P slots are universal for all Arcane Staffs.
  • E abilities are unique for each weapon.

Abilities are unlocked as you progress in the Tilden skill.

Q Ability Slot

Ability Unlocked at Effect Notes

Energy Bolt
Level 1 Deals magic damage to a single enemy. The less energy the target has, the higher the damage.

Minimum damage (above 80% energy): 204
Maximum damage (below 20% energy): 294
Against creatures: Always deals 294 damage

Energy Cost: 6
Cast Time: 1.2s
Range: 11m
Cooldown: 0s

Arcane Protection
Level 3 Casts a shield on an ally that absorbs 354 damage, before Armor. Lasts for 4s.

Additionally, if the target is wearing plate armor, their threat generation is doubled. If the target is wearing any other type of armor, their threat generation is halved instead.

Energy Cost: 13
Cast Time: 0s
Range: 9m
Cooldown: 5s

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