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Category Hierarchy


Tie all pages down to the "Main" category: Albion Online:

Optional and Conceptual only

Other Goals:

  • Consolidate similar and plural categories
  • Adding all pages to at least one category
  • Creating out the hierarchy in the proposal
  • uniform category names, no underscores, Cased with Spaces ('My Category Name' as opposed to 'My category name' or 'My_category_name')

Gameplay Mechanics

How things work in the game. Logical execution of things like Disarray, Crowd Cotrol, etc.

  • Gameplay Mechanic
    • Economy Mechanic (tax values, market underlying functions, trade and usage fees etc.)
    • Crafting (Return rates, focus costs, craft time, etc.)
    • Refining
    • Farming
    • Cooking (Sous Chef-->Chef)
    • Alchemy (Sous Chef-->Alchemist)
    • Gathering Mechanic (Gatherering mechanic for node, times, respawns ect.)
    • Combat Mechanic

Item Hierarchy

Follow the market categories for how these should be organized. Untradable items may not have a visible shop category, but can be tied to their tradable versions. Other things in game such as "Silver" is not an item per se, but has a item version: "Bag of Silver" and therefore can be classified under the Currency sub category even though there is no shop category. For the most part, Items are tangible, obtainable things in the game players can gather, collect, etc. The market covers most, but not all. If in doubt ask Blkandwhtlion. I have yet to see an "item-like non-item" in the game that doesn't fit at least one category.

  • Item
    • Non-Equipment (No parent just denoting they are split. Follow game categorization)
      • Shop Category
        • Shop Sub Category
    • Equipment (Extra sub category to utilize equipment stats/templates)
      • Shop Category
        • Shop Sub Category
          • (Weapon Family) i.e. Claymore, Bear Paws, Cursed Staff
    • Currency
      • Silver, Gold, Faction Point, etc.
    • (see faction for faction ties)

Spell Hierarchy

Spells in the game tied to equipment. Also referred to as Skills and Abilities. Can have redirects for those to the main "Spell" category if desired.

  • Spell
    • Leather Ability
      • Leather Helmet Ability
    • Frost Staff Ability
    • Sword Ability
      • Claymore Ability
    • ETC.

NPC Hierarchy

In game non-player entities of any kind.

  • Contact (NPCs that players talk to for quests, markets, faction leaders, etc.)
    • Faction Contact
    • Market Contact
    • Quest Contact
  • Mob (NPCs players can fight with or against)
    • Boss
    • Mini-Boss
    • Overworld Mob
    • Dungeon Mob
    • (see faction for faction ties)

Faction Hierarchy

  • Faction
    • City Faction
      • Bridgewatch Faction
      • Lyhmhurst Faction
      • Etc.
    • NPC Faction
      • Heretic Faction
      • Morgana Faction
      • Undead Faction
      • Keeper Faction
      • Avalon Faction

Premium Hierarchy

  • Premium (Pages specific to premium only features or enchanced with premium) Player Island (not category the page)

Location Hierarchy

WIP... Note: Not researched yet. Need to check pages we have v.s. what is a category or property. Could argue contient, biomes etc. could be categories OR properties. So whatever we have currently will dictate that.

  • Location
    • City (property to tie to biome/continent)
    • Town (property to tie to biome/continent)
    • Island (property to denote player/guild island or separate categories?)

From here we're WIP/evaluating

    • Continent (use properties to list biomes/clusters)