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Vanity Armor is armor designed to have a certain look. It is not supposed to be worn in battle except for the comedic effect.

Some vanity armor can not be acquired anymore, except for trading it with other players such as the legendary armor sets. Other armor can be bought for gold pieces at the Vanity Merchant.

List of Vanity Armor Sets

Some Vanity Armors form a set visually with other, similar Vanity Armors.

Founder's & Starter Pack Sets

Chest slot Shoes Slot Head Slot Cape Slot
  Explorer's Armor   Explorer's Boots   Explorer's Hat
  Adventurer's Jacket   Adventurer's Shoes   Adventurer's Helmet
  Legendary Explorer's Armor   Legendary Explorer's Boots   Legendary Explorer's Hat   Legendary Explorer's Cloak
  Legendary Adventurer's Armor   Legendary Adventurer's Boots   Legendary Adventurer's Hat   Legendary Adventurer's Cloak

Purchasable Sets

Chest Shoes Head Cape Off-Hand
  Arena Veteran's Cloak   Arena Veteran's Boots   Arena Veteran's Circlet   Arena Veteran's Cape
  Arena Veteran's Eyepatch
  Bridal Dress   Bridal Shoes   Bridal Veil   Bridal Bouquet
  Groom Suit   Groom Shoes   Groom Hat   Groom Cape   Wedding Ring

Adventurer Challenge Reward Sets

Chest slot Shoes Slot Head Slot Cape Slot
  Red Tulip Dress   Red Tulip Shoes   Red Tulip Hat
  Rich Noble's Doublet   Rich Noble's Footwear   Rich Noble's Hat
  Yule Coat   Yule Shoes   Yule Hat   Yule Backpack
  Bunny Stalker Overalls   Bunny Stalker Shoes   Bunny Stalker Hat   Bunny Stalker Basket
  Snow Bunny Stalker Hat
  Hygienic Coat   Hygienic Boots   Hygienic Mask
  Ribcage   Legbones   Laughing Skull   Ragged Cape
  Grinning Pumpkin Head
  Sad Pumpkin Head   Ragged Undead Cape
  Angry Pumpkin Head
  Jester Costume   Jester Shoes   Jester Mask

List of Referral Season Rewards

Season Slot Requirement Reward
Pre-Release Cape 5 referral links   Recruiter's Cape
1st Cape 5 referral links   Recruiter's Banner
2nd Cape 5 referral links   Riuros Cape
4th Cape 5 referral links   Ogronios Banner
5th Head 1 referral link   Master of Bats Helmet
Cape 5 referral links   Master of Bats Cape
6th 2-handed 1 referral link   Recruiter's Portal Cannon
Cape 5 referral links   Recruiter's Cape - Toad
7th Cape 5 referral links   Recruiter's Cape - Rottweiler
8th Cape 5 referral links   Recruiter's Tiger Cape
9th Cape 5 referral links   Recruiter's Fur Cape
10th Main-hand 1 referral link   Recruiter's Beer Mug
11th Main-hand 1 referral link   Recruiter's Hunter Horn
12th Main-hand 1 referral link   Recruiter's Fox Crop
13th Main-hand 5 referral links   Recruiter's Trumpet
14th Cape 5 referral links   Recruiter's Grey Wolf Cape

List of Vanity Capes

Arena Rewards
  Arena Veteran's Small Banner
  Arena Veteran's Medium Banner
  Arena Veteran's Large Banner
  Decorative Undead Platemail Cape
  Decorative Undead Leather Cape
  Decorative Undead Cloth Cape
  Decorative Keeper Platemail Cape
  Decorative Keeper Leather Cape
  Decorative Keeper Cloth Cape
  Decorative Morgana Platemail Cape
  Decorative Morgana Leather Cape
  Decorative Morgana Cloth Cape

Miscellaneous Vanity Armor

Slot Item Notes
Shoes   Rubberband Boots Compensation for 2019 spring server issues
Head   Uncle Frost's Hat 2018 Winter Event reward