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Vanity items or skins are items that can be used to embellish character. You may go to Player Menu and select the appearance tab to open vanity settings. They are account-wide. After using them, you cannot lose them, as a vanity (because they are assigned to your account). While using, you consume them, and they cannot be used again by another player. Mostly they were prizes in events, but you still can get them via the Marketplace.

Types of Vanity Items

There are two types of Vanity items:

  • For player
  • For mount

The first option include:

  • Head skins
  • Chest skins
  • Shoes skins
  • Main Hans skins
  • Off-hand skins

Vanity Items

Buy with gold :
Part of Vanity:
Carnival Challenge:
Halloween Event:
Winter Event:
Easter Event:
Refferal Reward: