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The Vanity is a way to customize the appearance of the characters in Albion Online. Players can do so, by unlocking wardrobe skins either by using tradable skin tokens, by directly purchasing them with gold from the wardrobe UI or by buying special Vanity Bundle Packs.

Vanity items are visual effects only and do not have any in-game stats. They are account-wide.

After using them they will be assigned to your account.


Vanity items may be applied by clicking on the skin in a player's inventory and selecting "USE".

To apply a vanity item, player may go to the Appearance UI by opening the Player Menu, selecting Appearance, and selecting the appropriate tab or use shortcut: "V".

While using, you consume them, and they cannot be used again by another player.

Mostly they were prizes in events, but you still can get them via the Marketplace, however some of them can be bought directly by gold.

Duplicate Vanity Items

Sometimes players will obtain multiple copies of vanity items. When this happens, there are really two real options other than trashing them:

Types of Vanity Items

There are two types of Vanity items:

  • For player
    • Head Slot
    • Chest Slot
    • Feet Slot
    • Main Hand Slot
    • Offhand Slot
    • Cape Slot
  • For mounts

Vanity Items


Adventurer's Hats :
Arena Headwears :
Available through gold :
Carnival Challenge Hats :
Easter Event Hats :
Explorer's Hats :
Halloween Event Headwears :
Part of Vanity Pack Bundle:
Refferal Reward Helmet :
Winter Event Hats :
Available through gold :
Part of Vanity Pack Bundle:
Adventurer's Armors :
Explorer's Armors :
Arena Cloak :
Carnival Challenge Clothes :
Halloween Event Clothes :
Winter Event Coat:
Easter Event Overalls :
Available through gold :
Part of Vanity Pack Bundle :
Adventurer's Shoes :
Explorer's Boots :
Arena Boots :
Carnival Challenge Shoes :
Halloween Event Boots :
Winter Event Shoes :
Easter Event Shoes :
Available through gold :
Part of a Vanity Bundle Pack :
Decorative Capes :
Explorer's and Adventurer's Capes :
Arena Capes and Banners :
Event Reward :
Other :
Recruiter's Capes and Banners :