Version 1.0.327.93586

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Launch Patch #1
Date 1 August 2017
Version 1.0.327
Revision 93586
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Director's notes

Albion Online launched two weeks ago with great success, exceeding our expectations! Shattering all of Albion Online's previous records, you have really shown us your support and faith in the game. Thank you!

Unfortunately, this amazing success came hand-in-hand with some server and performance issues. We have been working day and night to get rid of these issues, and improving the game experience for everyone. This patch includes some changes to help with the cities, especially Caerleon, being overpopulated, by putting hot spots in their own separate map. This will help relieve the pressure on the cities. We are still working on stabilizing the server issues.

On top of that, we are also pushing out an abundance of other changes and fixes such as making farms default settings private, and fixing the issue where excess Fame would not overflow to the next level.

Overall, we are really happy with the start of Albion Online, and cannot wait to continue writing history alongside you!

This patch has some critical fixes and improvements that we want to get to you as soon as possible; normally we'd let it sit on the test server for a while to make sure it gets thoroughly looked at, but under the circumstances we want to get this to you as soon as possible.

  • We've made some changes to the server code which we hope will help solve the ongoing server issues we've been experiencing.
  • We've made some changes to the Outland portals and the mount gallop mode which aim to break the dominance of gatecamps and mounted gankers we've been seeing.
  • Finally, we've spread out the powerful events in Albion in a way which encourages engaging them with smaller groups, which should help prevent situations where fights degrade into lagfests.


  • If you earn more Fame than you need to complete your next Destiny Board level, the excess Fame is now applied to the following level(s)
  • You can now see the actual crafting capacity amount in the capacity bar's tooltip (only refreshes when reopening the building info)
  • There are now tooltips in item info on the weight and item value numbers for stacks of items, that tell you the values for a single unit
  • Weapons, Off-Hands, armors, mounts, tools, refined materials, furniture, potions and food now all have crafting sounds that more sensibly match their materials
  • The Ore Giant has been tweaked and improved
  • Crafted by info on items is now preserved when they're bought and sold at marketplaces


  • Haldon Hill (Gleinmoor) has been renamed Haldon Tor and demoted from T5 to T4
  • Temporarily doubled spawn rates of T4 resources in safe zones, and of T5 resources in yellow zones; this is not expected to be permanent
  • To improve queue times, expeditions will now always look for one tank, one healer and three DPS
  • Adjusted volumes of beam sounds for buffs and debuffs
  • UI no longer shows durability for items that don't really have durability
  • Item icon frames will now always show the notches for enchantment levels, even if they're unenchanted (in this case all notches will be empty)
  • Adjusted the Curious Excavation expedition to only require six Deranged Firestarters, rather than eight
  • Adjusted the "in combat" code so you can no longer be in combat with a mob that cannot fight back
  • Leaving the ring in a duel now ends the duel after 10s, rather than 3s (you know who you are and what you were doing)
  • You can no longer place furniture anywhere in Caerleon Bank or Caerleon Market
  • Now that farms are up and running, mobs will no longer drop carrots
  • Reputation changes:
    • Reputation gain from PvE increased by 50%
    • Increased daily reputation recovery at Villainous from 500 to 750
    • Reduced daily reputation recovery at Nefarious level from 1500 to 500
    • Increased daily reputation recovery at Dreaded reputation from 1500 to 2000
    • Dreaded players can no longer disengage their PvP mode
    • The net effect from these changes is to make it much more desirable to stay above Nefarious; to keep people from staying for too long at the maximum penalty level; and to prevent people from disabling PvP once they're Dreaded (which should have minimal impact as they can't enter red zones anyway)
  • Access rights on farm buildings now default to private
  • Access rights on houses now default to private
  • Access rights on guildhalls now default to guild
  • Gallop now times out after 2s standing still (rather than 1s), and persists when changing clusters
  • Ashen and Ignited Hellgates now generally spawn new gatekeeper mobs about twice as quickly
  • Cluster change invulnerability now expires once you've moved more than 150m from the entrance, and if it's removed in this way it will now also allow you to gain another invulnerability immediately; this resolves some issues with Caerleon Underway among other things
  • Relic chests now spawn four times per day (previously daily), at 1700, 2100, 0100 and 0500 UTC
  • Castle chests now respawn twice each weekday and four times each weekend day (previously weekly)
    • On week days there is always one spawn per castle at 2100 UTC, and the second one alternates between 1700 and 0100
    • On weekends, they respawn at 1700, 2100, 0100 and 0500 UTC
  • Raid bosses now spawn once per day each (was every three days), alternating between 1700, 2100 and 0100 UTC
  • Loot amounts have been reduced to partially compensate:
    • Castle loot reduced by a factor of 3
    • Raid boss loot reduced by a factor of 2
    • Relic chest loot reduced by a factor of 2
  • If you travel from Caerleon to any outlands portal while not being bound to a specific portal, you can return to Caerleon within 60s without binding yourself to the portal
  • Dismounting now applies a debuff that means for three seconds you cannot attack other players


  • Fixed an issue where shielding abilities were generating more mob aggro than intended
  • Fixed missing resources in Inis Mon
  • Fixed an issue where the overseer in the Curious Excavation expedition was so mesmerized by the statue in front of him that he was quite unwilling to move away from it
  • Fixed an issue where studying items was filling crafting journals
  • Fixed some issues with crafting Royal armors (craft times to 10s, durabilities corrected, focus use removed)
  • Fixed a few issues with the Cripple ability on spears
  • Fixed an issue where mob chests were incorrectly dropping essences (hourly/daily/weekly chests are unaffected by this change)
  • Unified aggro and pursuit radii for Heretic Mortar and Ballista, to make it clearer why players knocked down by them aren't getting up quickly
  • Fixed an issue with crowd control resistance on Stoneskin potions, and improved their tooltips to be clearer
  • Fixed an issue where different Poison/Sticky potions could be stacked on the same target
  • Premium time remaining should now be displayed consistently everywhere
  • Guardians should now always spawn with full charges
  • Fixed Destiny Board Tracker on Android
  • Building nutrition percentages should now show the same value in the region map and in the building info panel
  • Fixed an issue where some furniture types that should be salvageable were not
  • Various fixes and improvements to Keeper Mushroom Thrower mob
  • Fixed an issue where the same character couldn't be kicked from a GvG match multiple times
  • Added some additional checks to game resolution limiter
  • Reduced volume of ambient sounds on player islands
  • Fixed an issue with the Take All button in the market not working under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Adventurer's armors were contributing to leather rather than plate progression (tier 3 only)
  • Fixed some issues with the Weapon of Choice mission when window animations are disabled
  • Legendary Adventurer's Cart now has identical carry load to Founder's Ox (added 2kg)
  • Fixed an issue with Destiny Board auto-tracking kicking in incorrectly after untracking a node with no progress
  • Fixed an issue with stack size display in market buy orders
  • Fixed a couple of cases where you could incorrectly mount up in a dungeon
  • Tightened up graphics on level 3 display of Destiny Board progress (removed spaces before and after slashes)
  • Fixed an issue where messages sometimes wouldn't send correctly after leaving a party
  • Removed unintended drops of certain baby animals; these will be reintroduced at a later date
  • Fixed an issue where the Rejuvenating Mushroom ability could heal more than five targets; this was among other things causing them to generate outsized load in crowded areas
  • Fixed an issue where the Root Prison ability was ignoring Invulnerability
  • Fixed an issue where dismounting from a cart could cause you to float
  • Fixed an issue with the visuals of the Heroic Strike ability