Version 1.0.327.93973

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Launch Patch #2
Date 4 August 2017
Version 1.0.327
Revision 93973
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Version 1.0.327.93586 Version 1.0.327.94396
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  • Changes to Gold mechanics to reduce the ease of operations for Gold sellers:
    • Gold can no longer be directly traded between players
    • Gold can no longer be deposited in Guild accounts; we will remove Guild-level gold accounts in future
    • (Silver is unaffected by the above changes)
    • For more information, refer to this forum announcement
  • Increased maximum configurable price for real estate sales to 10m silver (does not affect auctions)
  • Temporarily changed mechanics so Dreaded players can disable their PvP flag, while we fix the issue where non-flagged players cannot heal flagged players in the black zone specifically (where flags should not matter)


  • Players participating in GvG battles are now exempt from being hidden in overloaded areas
  • Disabled the Android updater, as a temporary fix for keyboard issues at login screen, and potentially also some animation issues
  • Fixed some issues resulting from "Crafted by" data still being missing for items bought from older marketplace orders
  • Fixed an issue where crafting sounds did not stop correctly if crafting is cancelled
  • Fixed some issues with portal binding
  • Bridgewatch Marketplace now has a working exit to Bridgewatch