Version 1.0.327.95452

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Launch Patch #4
Date 24 August 2017
Version 1.0.327
Revision 95452
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  • Made various improvements to Journals:
    • Corrected drop weights and Fame amounts for many resources involved in crafting journals; previously everything that wasn't the first resource in the list had a very low chance of dropping and gave out slightly too much Fame
    • Added leather to possible rewards from Tinker journals
    • Made furniture (including repair stations) count towards Tinker journals
    • Reduced Fame payout for Trophy journals; previously they were effectively the fastest way to level your laborer, which is silly and would lead to a huge surplus of trophies
    • Fame payouts from Journals are now always rounded up, which increases payout by 1 in a couple of cases
    • All Tier 3 weapons now count towards crafting journals
  • Clarified the "Craft Skinning Knife" Destiny Board step to say that you need to do it at the workbench, to try and smooth new-player understanding
  • Increased the maximum sell price for real estates to 100 million silver
  • Gathering now improves Reputation five times faster than before


  • Reduced maximum GvG Defender Bonus from 50 to 30
  • You can now always assist (eg heal) allied characters in the Outlands, regardless of PvP flagging status
  • Changed the loading screen for islands and Caerleon sublevels
  • Reworked Deranged Ol' Chopper:
    • He no longer charges towards his target after his whirlwind
    • His "Whack" attack deals less damage and takes longer to finish
  • Altered mechanics for invulnerability bubble acquired when entering a new area:
    • Is no longer automatically removed when moving into a different area (including the one you came from)
    • Is still removed after a certain amount of time
    • Is still removed by moving a certain distance away from your entry point
  • Crafting times of all equipment items have been reduced a lot, this is especially noticeable on higher tiers and enchanted items
  • Bean Salad buff duration changed from 5 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Changed login screen background texture filtering to bilinear (should remove the aliasing)
  • Removed mount upgrade items from the Animal Breeder node on the Destiny Board
  • Adjusted rewards from PvE chests: loot drop rate has been increased by around 10x, fragment drop rate has been decreased by around 5x, silver droprate stays the same has been roughly halved
  • Increased Black Market drop rates by around 2x
  • Reduced the increased spawn rates of T4 resources somewhat (they are still higher than the baseline)


  • Fixed an issue where CC immunity was not correctly making you immune to all spells; this is particularly relevant for immunity buffs gained when moving between regions
  • Fixed an issue where the crafter's name of dropped items was illegible
  • Rejuvenating Mushroom will now properly indicate when a target is not being healed due to the target limit
  • The Trainee Gatherer node on the Destiny Board now shows all unlocked Tier 2 tools
  • The Retaliate ability no longer stops your auto-attacks
  • Fixed an issue where the "Only show craftable from inventory"-filter got applied to merchants that do not have the toggle option
  • Fixed the display of negative loot bonuses
  • Fixed the following passives to now trigger on first hit: Life Steal, Slow Poison, Energetic, Burn
  • Displacement Immunity now grants immunity to the knockback of Power Geyser
  • Fixed the tooltip of Motivating Pain to correctly display it can stack up to 3 times
  • Territory's nutrition warning now only gets triggered when the territory is low on food
  • Fixed salvage values of Faction Furniture
  • Fixed various environmental bugs
  • Fixed various missing or misplaced visual effects
  • Crafting sounds will no longer play when Sound Effects are turned off
  • Raising Giant Stag, Cougars and Mammoths now counts towards the Rare Breeder node on the Destiny Board
  • Increased low memory buffer for mobile to avoid crashes on iOS
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't enter Bank of Caerleon from Caerleon Realmgate
  • Fixed a flagging issue that could occur while moving between two nearby Unrestricted PvP areas
  • Fixed an issue where executions were not counting as attacks, and thus failing to correctly trigger various criminal events
  • Fixed an issue where Attack Speed passive ability on bows was triggering after seven attacks at the start of combat, rather than after six
  • Fixed an issue with swapping equipment items from chests
  • Fixed another issue with Destiny Board Tracker auto-tracking everything in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue with farm items on demolished fields/pastures/etc not being destroyed properly
  • Fixed a critical issue with all animations on Android
  • Fixed several localisation lines in English, Portuguese and Spanish