Version 1.0.327.96272

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Launch Patch #5
Date 6 September 2017
Version 1.0.327
Revision 96272
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Version 1.0.327.95452 Version 1.0.327.97446
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  • Increased the drop rate of Runes and Souls from mob chests by ~5x
  • Reduced respawn rates of T2 and T3 resources to the original pre-launch numbers
  • Reduced respawn rates of T4 resources to slightly above original numbers
  • If you travel from Caerleon to the Outlands, but return through the portal within 60 seconds, you will lose any region/portal locks that you gained since leaving Caerleon
  • Hellgate invulnerability buff reduced from 30s to 10s


  • Fixed an issue where plot owners would not correctly get their unused silver back if they won an auction cycle
  • Fixed some issues with aspect ratio/resolution limiters, and allowed 720p resolutions
  • Fixed incorrect values in the tooltip for the Aggressive Caster ability
  • Fixed display issues with tooltips of abilities that cause armor/magic resist reduction debuffs
  • Fixed respawn times of Undead and Morgana mob chests
  • Fixed an issue where Smokebomb and Invisibility abilities on Leather Shoes were not being properly cancelled by stealth-revealing abilities
  • Clarified the tooltip for the Poison Coating ability
  • Fixed the damage of Magic Arrow ability to be magical, not physical
  • Fixed an issue where the Retaliate ability was interrupting auto-attacks
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting from expeditions that were joined from an island took you back to a starter area
  • Fixed a stability issue relating to duel visual effects
  • Reverted an unintended change to Demon chest loot (as used for Ashen Hellgates)
  • Fixed an issue where crafting with a stack of journals and only one free slot could lead to the craft not happening; instead, the part-filled journal will not be created, as this is less destructive
  • Fixed various terrain issues


  • Fixed a critical issue with Patch #5 where you would gain no Fame from crafting if the crafted item went into a stack