Version 1.0.336.100246

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Joseph Patch #1
Date 17 October 2017
Version 1.0.336
Revision 100246
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  • Marketplace average prices are now split by quality and enchantment level, so the values are more useful
  • Arena party UI should now preserve player order when signing up as a party
  • Added an option to always skip the intro video in the settings UI


  • Added trial accounts and invite feature
  • Old White has stopped pulling his punches
  • Cities other than Caerleon have had their marketplaces and banks moved back to the main city area
  • Heretic Mortar has had its warning time fixed to be consistently 1.1 seconds, and gives better indication how long you have until impact


  • Fixed an issue where several portal clusters in the Outlands were set to the wrong timezone (Slickhag, Coombe Tor, Blencathra, Hanging Valley, Flintslice Plain)
  • Fixed incorrect exit setup in Birken Fell
  • Fixed an issue with misconnected exits in Wyre Forest
  • Fixed missing guard tower in Croker Hill
  • Fixed missing mobs in Creag Gubb
  • Fixed an issue where Sticky Potion was not counting as crowd control for the purposes of various checks (for example the invulnerability gained on entering an area will now correctly protect against it)
  • Fixed an issue where forced movement would interfere with skillshot targeting
  • Fixed Deranged Weaponsmaster's broken ability
  • Fixed an issue with certain T7 veteran skeletons not having the correct veteran identifier
  • Fixed miss-sizing issue with the background for the enlarged first letter in nametags
  • Fixed various missing non-player avatars
  • Fixed an issue where you could lose gathering gear buff stacks while moving between areas
  • Fixed an issue where the UI was trying to smartcast abilities when pressing the relevant UI buttons, which makes no sense
  • Fixed an issue with invincibility timing issues against mob attacks (now calculates based on attack impact rather than attack start, so you can block an in-flight projectile for example)
  • Fixed an issue where Black Market prices that updated while you were in the process of selling to them would not update the UI in a timely manner
  • Fixed an issue where using the Sell tab in the Black Market could end up selecting the wrong quality of item
  • Fixed some animation issues with Undead Archer and Undead Mage
  • Fixed an issue which caused Black Market drops from relic lockers, chests and Hellgate bosses to be "stacked" on particular tiers; Black Market loot from these sources should now be much more varied in tiers
  • Fixed some issues with marketplace average prices being miscalculated
  • Fixed an issue with PvP status icons showing up in the UI when in the Arena
  • Fixed an issue where, if you opened the info window for an item from a link in chat, some values would be incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where opening the castle UI in the worldmap would block subsequent opening of the territory UI
  • Fixed an issue where salvaging stacked artifact equipment would not return correct amounts of artifacts
  • Fixed an issue where the Deflecting Spin ability on spears was not correctly requiring a Destiny Board unlock to use
  • Fixed an issue with collisions on the stairs of higher-level personal islands
  • Fixed missing translations in new expeditions
  • Various localization fixes
  • Various terrain fixes