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Joseph Patch #2 - Joseph Patch #2 Hotfix #1
Date 25 October 2017
Version 1.0.340
Revision 101111
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Joseph Patch #2


  • The Feast of Samhain comes to Albion! Pumpkins for everyone!
  • Collect Pumpkin Pip tokens from mobs, chests, the arena and expeditions!
  • Find new chests scattered throughout the world!
  • Exchange the Pips for special themed items at the vanity merchant!
  • Enjoy the spoooOOOoooky decorations!


  • Video volume is now controlled by the music volume slider, and the baseline volume of the intro video has been reduced
  • Made various improvements to Ghoul sound effects
  • Made various improvements to Lumberjack boss sound effects


  • Increased the number of enemies in T5 dungeon Deepwood Enclave, and balanced Fame between wings more evenly
  • Splitting Strike ability on Undead Knights now more clearly telegraphs when it will hit


  • Fixed a missing connection in Birken Fell
  • Fixed an issue where mounts could sometimes not be clicked on
  • Fixed an issue with zerg warnings reappearing on cluster/minimap when they shouldn't
  • Fixed an issue where cast speed bonuses reduced the time it took to flag for PvP and to exit dungeons
  • Fixed an issue where area abilities would incorrectly recalculate who was affected at the end of the ability
  • Splitting Slash ability no longer incorrectly says it is immune to damage reflection, and Battle Frenzy ability is no longer immune to Splitting Slash's damage
  • Fixed an issue where building with no food/durability stat (as distinct from having 0 in either stat) were greyed out on the cluster map
  • Fixed an issue where arena kills were incorrectly counting towards the "Total Killed Players" stat for each player
  • Fixed an issue where, if you were moving when you opened the Destiny Board, clicking on the Destiny Board UI would continue to also click on things in the world
  • Fixed an issue where, with the "abilities on the right" UI configuration, the Destiny Board button would not correctly close the Destiny Board when pressed, and the button was also in the wrong place
  • Fixed an issue where mastery level UI popups were reflecting the state of the node at the point of completion, rather than at the current time
  • Fixed an issue with glitching laborer UIs when moving inventory items while journals are given to the laborer
  • Fixed an issue where laborer happiness UI would not always update correctly
  • Fixed an issue where environmental sounds were failing to continue correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Novice and Journeyman capes and bags were not counting towards the respective Tinker journals
  • Fixed an issue with trial status not updating during a play session if the status is changed via the website
  • Fixed an issue with average market price calculation when moving between areas
  • Fixed a minor UI issue with inviting Guilds to alliances
  • Fixed a minor UI issue with kicking players from Guilds while they're on the Guild island
  • Fixed an issue where Black Market expiration mails claimed to be from "Unknown"
  • Fixed an issue where one particular dungeon allowed you to use mounts
  • Various localization fixes and improvements
  • Various terrain fixes and improvements

Joseph Patch #2 Hotfix #1

25 October 2017


  • Changed the Skeleton Laugh spell from cast to instant.


  • Enabled missing halloween deco for caerleon bank.