Version 1.0.340.102503

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Joseph Patch #3
Date 09 November 2017
Version 1.0.340
Revision 102503
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  • Improved various Halloween-related sound stuff


  • Fixed some drop rate calculations for Black Market loot - it should attempt to drop in correct ratios now
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't sell a higher-quality item to a lower-quality market buy order
  • Fixed an issue where Repair Buildings had their favorite food incorrectly set to Goat Stew rather than Goat Sandwich
  • Fixed an issue with sounds sometimes failing to play when many sounds are active over a short period
  • Fixed an issue with the error message when trying to claim a territory while not in a Guild
  • Fixed an issue where Sabertooth Rex was incorrectly listing Pumpkin Pips as a crafting requirement
  • Fixed an issue with pumpkin chest aggro settings
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't add a player to a Guild island's access list if they had the same name as the Guild
  • Fixed an issue with certain passive abilities not being removed when the relevant item is unequipped
  • Fixed an issue where you could incorrectly gain the Outlaw flag while in a GvG battle
  • Fixed an issue with text color on Android making it impossible to see what is typed
  • Many audio fixes and improvements
  • Various terrain fixes and improvements