Version 1.0.351.106399

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Kay Patch #1
Date 14 December 2017
Version 1.0.351
Revision 106399
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  • Seasonal boss spawn times are being adjusted to have fewer separate spawn times (ie more territories spawning bosses at once)
    • This will reduce the number of spawn times from five to two, one at 1800 UTC and one at 0100 UTC
    • This will also include an override to the claiming rules so you can claim at any time between boss spawning and the next downtime, even if it's outside the territory's prime time
  • Changed battle mount cooldown on dismount from 30s to 90s
  • Battle mounts can no longer be used in GvG battles
  • Siphoning Mages have been adjusted somewhat:
    • Base health has been doubled
    • Gained new ability: Iceblock (30 second immunity to damage)
    • Changed their beam attack to an instant attack, so the Iceblock can be cast at any time without problems
  • Boosted castle season points value per 10 minutes from 1/2/3 in Anglia/Cumbria/Mercia to 4/6/8 to properly match value targets
  • Reduced the damage of Vengeful Guardian Lord's beam attack, and also the base damage of his Summoned Guardians

Balance changes

  • Flame Basilisk:
    • Flame Bolt:
      • Healing Reduction: 25% -> 50%
    • Inextinguishable Flame:
      • Cast Time: 1s -> 0.7s
      • % damage vs Players per second: 1% -> 1.5%
      • True Damage vs Mobs per second: 150 -> 30
      • Added an additional 30 true damage vs players per second
  • Bear Paws
    • Razor Cut:
      • The DoT can't be stacked anymore. (multiple attackers overwrite each other)
      • Instant Damage: 177.78 -> 160.00
  • Redemption Staff
    • Holy Orb:
      • Increased the size of the hitbox
      • increased the projectile speed
      • The healing effect now charges up faster
  • Deathgivers
    • Ghost Strike:
      • After activation the caster also gets an additional 50% energy cost reduction.
  • Grovekeeper
    • Ground Pound:
      • Cast Time: 0.7s -> 0.4s
      • Jump Time: 0.7 -> 0.5s
  • Siegebow
    • Vicious Barrage:
      • Normal Damage per tick: 111.15 -> 97.26
  • Damnation Staff
    • Cataclysm:
      • Area Radius: 15m -> 13m
  • Galatine Pair
    • Soulless Streams
      • Max HitPoint reduction: 30% -> 20%
  • Axes
    • Whirlwind
      • Damage per Tick: 30.78 ->  40.10


  • Fixed some issues with the way abilities were handled on the server that were causing performance problems; this should improve the situation in large battles, but there is more work still to be done
  • Fixed an issue where the siege camp in Wyre Forest was not connected properly
  • Fixed an issue where T4 Relic artifact weapons could not be crafted in an Elder Hunter's Lodge
  • Fixed an issue where referral mounts and capes were incorrectly using Guild colors
  • Fixed an issue where Guild banners were not showing correctly on the worldmap for Lymhurst and Bridgewatch
  • Fixed an issue where evacuations were enabled for city territories
  • Fixed an issue where Basilisk mounts were not properly purchasable
  • Fixed an issue with the cost of the Venom Basilisk
  • Fixed an issue where resistances on Flame Basilisk and Venom Basilisk were backwards (ie each had the other's stats)
  • Fixed an issue where Bear Paws had the wrong passives
  • Fixed an issue with the Shadow Edge ability not making the caster properly invulnerable
  • Fixed an issue where the Cartwheel ability's cooldown was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where the Frost Bolt ability had an incorrect slow amount
  • Fixed an issue with the Protection of the Fiends ability not applying correctly to allies
  • Fixed an issue where the Soulless Streams ability was not applying damage boost from stacks to targets after the first
  • Fixed an issue where targets hit by the Fire Bolt ability from multiple characters would only suffer Damage-over-Time from the most recent source
  • Fixed an issue where the Shadow Edge ability would incorrectly trigger on allies
  • Fixed an issue where the Fire Bolt ability on the Flame Basilisk was not applying its healing debuff to all enemies in the ability's radius, but only the main target
  • Fixed an issue with GvG scheduling in seasons
  • Fixed an issue with the mounted buff not being correctly removed in some cases