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Lancelot Update
Date 12 March 2018
Version 1.11.357
Revision 113403
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Players can now fish in any of Albion's bodies of water to catch common fish, rare fish, and even sunken treasures and items.

  • Rewards vary by biome, freshwater vs. saltwater, and zone
  • New fishing armors and Destiny Board path, with a complete progress system
  • New fish meals and fish bait recipes - fish can also be bought and sold like other materials or used raw as a consumable
  • Experienced anglers can catch a boss fish and construct a trophy

Guild Rights Management System

The rights management is based on two parts:

  • Creating roles and assigning rights to them
  • Assigning these roles (and therefore rights) to guild members

Guild leaders (or anyone with sufficient access rights) can create guild roles, which include a name, an icon and a color. Once a role is created, rights can be assigned to it at 3 levels: "does not have the right", "has the right", and "has the right and can assign it to others". Roles can then be assigned to guild members. One guild member can be assigned any number of roles, and will have all the rights included in all roles.

A detailed guide to this system can be found here.

Guild Quality-of-Life Improvements

  • New "chest log" system allows guild leaders (and others with access rights) to track resources deposited and removed
  • New Guild Vaults allow guilds to deposit and withdraw items in territories and on guild islands
  • Guild Vaults can be upgraded to have more tabs, and guilds can set up access rights for each tab individually
  • Invite to Party/Whisper can now be done via Guild UI

Server Performance Improvements

  • Numerous improvements over the past months will go live with Lancelot, which should lead to better performance, particularly during large-scale battles.

GvG Season Changes

  • Rogue Mages can now be placed in enemy territories to steal siphoned energy
  • Siphoning Mages now spawn dynamically:
    • first Mage:        1.5 hours
    • second Mage:   2 hours after the first Mage spawns
    • third Mage:        3 hours after the second Mage spawns
    • fourth Mage:      6 hours after the third Mage spawns
    • With this change the value of each Mage is more comparable over time in regards to the points and tokens they provide. This will also make the income during ‘ramp’ up comparable to the income with all Mages up.
  • Dropped energy can now be claimed entirely by the player who kills the mage, without any going directly to the guild
  • Castles now provide energy at the beginning of prime time
  • Owning Siphoning OR Rogue Mages in a territory prior to a battle gives a combat buff during GvG fights, giving more guild members the potential to have an impact on the outcome of a GvG
  • Capturing an orb immediately deducts a point from the enemy team, making flawless victories much more difficult to achieve
  • All guards in a territory now reward fame when killed, including Siphoning Mages

New Artifact Armors

Lancelot will bring Level 3 Artifact Armor sets to accompany the Level 3 weapons already in the game. These will mix offensive, defensive, and utility spells to add new depth to combat, for a total of nine new spells.

Roaming Mobs

With the Lancelot update, the NPC factions in Albion will become much more prevalent in Albion's biomes: instead of appearing only in preexisting camps, they will now spawn throughout the open world.

  • Roaming Mobs will vary in difficulty and rarity, and are designed to be taken down by solo players and small groups
  • They will give overall higher rewards than those found in Expeditions
  • Aggro ranges are balanced to allow gatherers to avoid these mobs
  • Biome-specific hidden treasures will spawn around roaming mobs

Luxury Goods

Luxury Goods are special items dropped by mobs, consisting of antiques from Albion's ancient past. They cannot be used directly, but rather have a fixed value in a particular city based on their category, and can always be sold in that city.

  • As all categories can be found in all areas, getting their full value will often require transporting them across large distances
  • Players can transport items themselves, or buy them cheaply in a faraway city and transport them for a large profit

New Hellgates

Lancelot will introduce a new type of Hellgate:

  • 2v2 Hellgates now appear in red and black zones with full-loot PvP and no gear level cap

Names of Hellgates have been updated for clarity:

  • Lesser Hellgates (formerly Ashen Hellgates), which offer the smaller 2v2 map
  • Greater Hellgates (formerly Ignited and Infernal Hellgates), which offer the larger 5v5 map

Additional Hellgate info:

  • If another Hellgate of the same type is open, the connection rate will be 100%
  • Greater Hellgates will remain in yellow, red and black zones
  • Lesser and Greater Hellgates will have different icons on the minimap
  • Spawn time for all Hellgate Portal Guardian mobs in red/black zones decreased (i.e. they spawn faster and Hellgates will appear more frequently)

New Expedition

Lancelot will introduce "In the Raven's Claws", a new T6 Group Expedition that tasks adventurers with rescuing a captured agent from the clutches of the Disciples of Morgana before he reveals critical secrets.

Additional Features

  • Siege Ballistas: These rideable machines operate as support units, inflicting and maintaining bleed effects on large groups. They are more affordable than other battle mounts, leveling the field for individuals and smaller guilds.
  • Tomes of Insight: These books are dropped by open-world mobs and give an immediate boost to combat fame. As they have a rare drop chance and are not obtainable from Expedition mobs, they will provide a fame boost to those who partake in open-world combat.


Numerous audio improvements and fixes:

  • Remixed and remastered all audio tracks for combat, foley, music, and UI - all tracks are now 12 db louder overall, with improved playback and blending
  • Reworked all timings for impact sounds during combat
  • Added/Fixed sounds for all mobs that were missing audio feedback (e.g. Guardians)
  • Decreased the music trigger range for bosses
  • Fixed audio conversion settings that previously led to distortion of various sounds

Improved the Party Management UI:

  • UI can now be placed anywhere
  • Sorting of party members can be changed via drag-and-drop
  • Raid UI reworked with improved visuals

Improved Heretic Mob Camps at beginning of game

Boss mobs now have a different ring outline from miniboss mobs

New loading screens for Starter Towns, Hellgates, and more


Farming: Yield amounts of animal products were reduced to bring their nutrition output per field slot in line with other farmables.

Changes to "Eternal Battle" and "For a Fistful of Silver" Hardcore Expeditions:

  • The changes will bring the difficulty of these expeditions down somewhat, putting them more on the same level as similar-level expeditions. Also removed a number of mobs, moved mobs to different positions, and changed their patrol paths.
  • Additionally, there have been changes to some of the mobs:
    • Heretic Brawler: movement speed and resistance to crowd control reduced, as well as an increased casting time on their Heavy Slap
    • Undead Governor: Powerful Lunge now has casting time, and the mob will not use its big AoE Pull when there are more than 5 Haunted Officials alive at a time.

After monitoring the amount of Hardcore Expedition Maps dropped in the open world and the number of Hardcore Expeditions played each day, we have reduced the drop chance of these maps to ⅓ its previous rate to ensure the market value of Expedition Maps remains appropriate.

Fame reward for Trapped Demon in Lesser Hellgates (formerly known as Ashen Hellgates) has been doubled.

To prevent them from being killed too easily by small groups, Siphoning Mages can now use Ice Block once in any battle, regardless of how many players attack. They will use Ice Block a second time when they are attacked by 4 or more players, and a third and final time when they are attacked by 8 or more players.

The stack size for consumable potions on a character has been increased from 5 to 10.

The Heretic Deranged Ol' Chopper (Tier 3, solo) got hit on the head by a falling tree and forgot how to use Whirlwind.

Increased the costs of Laborer Journals by tier - they used to be 1000 Silver independent of tier, now they start at 500 and go up to 32000 for T8.

Lesser Hellgate Chest Spawn Timer: 1min -> 2min

Siphoned Energy transmutation costs for Relics have been adjusted to better match the Relic level.

Balance Changes


  • Mobs now give a small amount of energy on death (this is also shared in groups, similar to fame)
  • Flattened the CC Duration & CC Resistance curve. This should not affect fights with equal gear, but will normalize cc duration in gear difference (i.e. a T8 weapon stun doesn't last forever on a T2 armor target)
    • Halved CC Resistance increase per IP
    • Halved CC Duration increase per IP

Arcane Staffs:

  • Energy Bolt
    • Min Damage: 86.58 -> 97.40
  • Arcane Protection:
    • Standtime: 0.2s -> 0s
  • Arcane Orb:
    • Now Purges enemies on hit
    • Cooldown: 15s -> 20s
    • Radius: 7m -> 6m
    • Silence Duration: 2.13 -> 1.08
    • Silence Duration is doubled when used against mobs


  • Rending Strike:
    • Bleed Duration: 4s -> 5s
  • Rending Swing:
    • Bleed Duration: 4s -> 5s
    • Radius: 5m -> 6m
  • Razor Cut:
    • Reduced the hit area size


  • Removed the Passive Aggressive Rush
  • Added a New Passive: Piercing Arrows - Each normal attack increases the target's damage received by 1% for 3s (stacks up to 4 times)
  • Deadly Shot:
    • Cast Time: 1.5s -> 1s
    • Damage: 109.51 -> 82.37
    • Cast Speed Increase: 20% -> 15%
    • Energy Cost: 4 -> 3
  • Explosive Arrows:
    • Now activated each time an arrow hits an enemy (can now also be activated by your abilities, i.e. while active each hit of a Multishot triggers an explosion)
    • Number of Shots: 5 -> 10
    • Damage: 26.30 -> 21.45
    • Buff Duration: 10s -> 15s
    • Cooldown: 15s -> 20s
    • Energy Cost: 11 -> 12
  • Speed Shot:
    • The buff now also increases attack speed
    • Movespeed increase: 33% -> 20%
  • Ray of Light
    • It can now hit multiple enemies
    • Radius: 2m -> 3m


  • Deathward Climax
    • Channel Duration: 5s -> 3.6s
    • Damage Interval: 0.25s -> 0.3s
    • Total Channel Damage: 643.50 -> 720.72


  • Devastating Strike:
    • The Channel is now uninterruptible

Fire Staffs:

  • Fire Bolt:
    • Burn Tick: 5 -> 4
    • First Burn tick after: 0s -> 1s
  • Wall of Flames
    • Duration: 6s -> 5s
  • Flame Tornado:
    • Damage per Tick: 71.41 -> 51.00
    • Damage per Tick vs mobs: 71.41 -> 47.23

Frost Staffs:

  • Frost Bolt:
    • Doesn't trigger Diminishing Returns anymore.

Holy Staffs:

  • Flash Heal:
    • Energy Cost: 4.5 -> 4
    • Energy gain on max stacks: 2 -> 4
  • Generous Heal:
    • Energy Cost: 6 -> 7
  • Desperate Prayer:
    • Max Heal Condition: 40% Health or lower -> 30% Health or lower
  • Salvation:
    • Max Targets: 5 -> 10 (currently only affects 5, will be fixed in Patch 1)


  • Snare Charge:
    • Jump Time: 0.73s -> 0.55s
    • Standtime: 0s -> 0.5s
    • Radius: 4m -> 6m
    • Impact radius now also interrupts enemy spell casts
  • Brute Force:
    • Cooldown: 20s -> 10s
    • Stun Duration: 3.02 -> 1.77
    • Damage: 37.44 -> 25-07
    • Energy Cost: 17 -> 10
    • Knockback Distance: 10.08 -> 6.75

Nature Staffs:

  • Rejuvenation:
    • Cooldown: 1.5s -> 1.3s
    • Energy Cost: 4.5 -> 3.9 -> 3
    • Number of Ticks: 8 -> 9 (first tick happens at 0s, so the HoT duration is now 8s instead of 7s)
    • Standtime: 0.2s -> 0s
  • Circle of Life:
    • No longer consumes Rejuvenation stacks
  • Ruthless Nature:
    • The channel is now uninterruptible
    • Reflected Damage: 35% -> 40%


  • Mystic Rocks:
    • Max Duration: 20s -> 15s
    • Healing Reduction: 50% -> 40%


  • Lunging Strike
    • Cooldown: 4s -> 3s
    • Hit Delay: 0.2s -> 0.1s
    • Standtime: 0.4s -> 0.2s
  • Cripple
    • Hit Delay: 0.2s -> 0.1s
    • Standtime: 0.4s -> 0.2s
  • Deflecting Spin
    • The caster can now move during the channel
  • Reckless Charge
    • The spell has been reworked to a forward leap, which instantly knocks all enemies into the air.


  • Charge (the spell is reworked)
    • Cast Time: 0s -> 0.5s (uninterruptible)
    • Range: 9m -> 12m
    • After the cast the player is completely invincible to damage and cc for 1s (The Charge dashes through Fire Wall or Wind Wall, for instance)
    • Removed the root, instead it consumes Heroic Charges for more damage
    • Max Damage: 170.27 -> 292.41
    • Standtime: 0s -> 0.8s
    • Now always stuns enemies for 0.8s, ignoring crowd control resistance. (Doesn't apply to mounted players)
  • Soulless Stream:
    • Cast Time: 0.7s -> 0.9s


  • Taproot:
    • Hitpoints Increase Factor: 20 -> 15


  • Ambush:
    • Max Damage Increase: 50% -> 40%
  • Scholar Robe*
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 0% -> 80%
  • Cleric Robe*
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 0% -> 70%
  • Mage Robe*
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 0% -> 60%
  • Mercenary Jacket*
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 0% -> 150%
  • Hunter Jacket*
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 0% -> 140%
  • Assassin Jacket*
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 0% -> 130%
  • Soldier Armor*
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 200% -> 200%
  • Knight Armor*
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 200% -> 210%
  • Guardian Armor*
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 200% -> 220%
  • Gatherer Gear
    • Health Regeneration Bonus: 15% -> 215% *also applies to Artifact Armors with the same stats

Flame Basilisk: (its role is reworked)

  • Stats:
    • Movespeed: 120%
    • Resistance Factor: 0.8
    • CCR Factor: 1.4
  • Spells:
    • Q - A 10m radius ground attack, which increases damage taken by 15% for 10s. And deals no damage (can't be stacked)
    • E - A cone attack which instantly deals medium one time damage and reduces healing received by 35% for 7s

Venom Basilisk: (its role is reworked)

  • Stats:
    • Movespeed: 120%
    • Resistance Factor: 0.8
    • CCR Factor: 1.4
  • Spells:
    • Q - A 10m radius ground attack, which reduces damage dealt by 25% for 10s. And deals no damage (can't be stacked)
    • E - A cone attack which instantly deals medium one time damage and increases damage taken by 50% for 7s


  • Fixed numerous instances where resources were not harvestable
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard became unresponsive if the Marketplace search box was active and the player moved away from the building
  • Fixed sorting order of Match Stats UI
  • Fixed an issue with the broken GvG scrollbar and added shift-click functionality
  • Item count is now displayed in reward popups
  • Numerous graphical fixes, including clippings, broken meshes and floating objects
  • Morgana Crossbowman should now always fire Suppression Fire in the targeted direction
  • Fixed an issue where screen resolution was not updating when switching from window to fullscreen view
  • Fixed an issue that prevented getting fame for killing Condemned Necromancer if the killing blow was dealt by its minion
  • Linux: fixed an issue that prevented using CTRL commands in the chatbox or login field
  • iOS: Kill/Death Details UI now displays data
  • Numerous additional graphical, animation, and localization fixes

Known Issues (should be fixed with Patch 1)

  • Holy Staffs
    • Salvation:
      • Max Targets should be 5 -> 10, currently still only affects 5
  • Crafting Fisherman's Gear or Fishing Rod doesn't fill Tinker's Journals
  • When opening a laborer after it returns from work, the UI won't show the rewards. Reopening the laborer will show them, and taking the rewards will also work.
  • Except for the Guild Master, no roles have access to your Guild island if your Guild is set to "No Access". To work around this, you have to raise the Guild to any level above "No Access".
  • Enchanting T4 Eel Stew and all sandwiches have wrong craft requirements.
  • Grilled Fish and Seaweed Salad have incorrect weight, spells, craft time and focus costs.
  • Crafting enchanted foods only yield 1 consumable but have the cost for creating 10.