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Lancelot Patch #1
Date 21 March 2018
Version 1.11.357
Revision 114130
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  • Increased Hellgates in black and red zones via the following:
    • Increased spawn rate of Lesser Hellgate guardian mobs in these zones
    • Increased total potential numbers of Lesser and Greater Hellgates in these zones
  • Enemy Mages are now displayed with a red overhead icon
  • Updated Avatar Icons for Heretic, Morgana and Undead Roaming Mobs and biome-specific chests

Balancing Changes

  • Self-Ignition no longer damages enemies while the caster is shielded. It is also canceled before the caster dies, so suicide via this ability is no longer possible.
  • Holy Explosion: (Great Holy Staff)
    • Radius: 6m -> 7m
  • Mystic Rocks: (Staff of Balance)
    • Radius: 7m -> 6m
  • Self Ignite: (Specter Jacket)
    • Radius: 7m -> 6m


  • Craft time is now tied to nutrition value of food, greatly reducing the time needed to craft foods (changes introduced with Lancelot were unintended)
  • Crafting the new Fisherman's items (boots, armor, head, backpack, fishing rod, trophy) now fills Tinker's Journals
  • Salvation now works on up to 10 players as intended (previously it was only working on up to 5)
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Masters could not set the Message of the Day
  • Fixed an issue where deleted Guild Access tags were reappearing after an update
  • Fixed an issue where squid, octopus and kraken could not be chopped up into chopped fish
  • Fixed an issue where Laborer UI had to be opened twice to see rewards after their work was finished
  • Non-Guild Masters now cannot kick a player unless they have all the same access tags as the player
  • Fixed an issue where opening any UI during the fishing minigame caused the reeling animation to play in a loop
  • Fixed an issue where equipping from a stack in a chest would appear in the chest log as withdrawing the whole stack instead of just one item
  • Numerous additional graphical, audio, UI, localization and bug fixes