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Lancelot Patch #2
Date 28 March 2018
Version 1.11.357
Revision 114734
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Known Issues

  • Character nameplates are sometimes not visible (this will be fixed as soon as possible in an upcoming hotfix)
  • Some mob health bars are not displaying correctly

Event: Rites of Spring

The Rites of Spring have begun! From March 28 - April 4, you can collect special Golden Eggs throughout the world. You'll find them in special chests throughout Albion's open world, and they're also dropped by mobs in the open world, Expeditions, and Dungeons. Trade them in at the Vanity Merchant for limited-time rewards, including the "Bunny Stalker" armor or your very own Egg Chest!

We'll also be running a community event during the week - stay tuned for more details.


  • Corrected terrain contours for more accurate fishing placement
  • Added a lockable Party HUD: you can now toggle the drag button at the top right of the Party HUD UI to lock/unlock it (grey → not movable, yellow → movable). Lock state is saved locally in Player Settings.
  • The Guild Master role tag can now be edited without renaming it
  • Added the unique spell "Rotten Fish" to the Fisherman Cap
  • Luxury Goods now have their own Marketplace Category and Subcategories, and can be filtered by city to show which city will buy them at the set price
  • Added new shop subcategory for Tomes of Insight
  • Updated weapon effects for Heretic Mage and Morgana Cultist


  • Full-loot Lesser Hellgate chests have been adjusted to give slightly less loot, to match the intended value
  • Split Lesser and Greater Hellgate spawns in red and black zones. Each cluster now always spawns a specific Hellgate type:
    • Red Zones:
      • T6 Cluster - Lesser HG
      • T7 Cluster - Greater HG
    • Outland Low:
      • T3 Cluster - Lesser HG
      • T4 Cluster - Greater HG
      • T5 Cluster - Lesser HG
      • T6 Cluster - Greater HG
    • Outland Mid:
      • T4 Cluster - Lesser HG
      • T5 Cluster - Greater HG
      • T6 Cluster - Lesser HG
      • T7 Cluster - Greater HG
    • Outland High:
      • T5 - Lesser HG
      • T6 - Greater HG
      • T7 - Lesser HG
      • T8 - Greater HG


  • Fixed several Guild/GvG UI issues:
    • Fixed an issue where inviting/kicking a guild member was causing the Guild UI to be bugged
    • Fixed an issue where the Rights Management UI didn't correctly update when players were sorted by online status and status of a player changed
    • Fixed an issue where mercenaries saw their own guild logos in the GvG UI instead of the logo of the guild they are actually fighting for
  • Fixed an issue where Expedition rewards were not shown after finishing or returning from an Expedition, but were shown at a later time (such as after finishing an Arena battle)
  • Improved food description text for Seaweed Salad and other fish-based foods
  • Added Tooltips to the Guild Right Management UI tabs
  • Spell fixes:
    • Mark of Sacrifice is no longer interrupted by damage
    • Morgana Raven now reduces Healing Received (it was previously reducing Healing Done)
  • (DE Version) Improved several German translations:
    • Weapons:
      • "Blutbrief" is now "Blutklinge"
      • "Weinender Wiederholungstäter" is now "Klagender Repetierer"
    • Faction Mobs:
      • "Vernichtender" is now "Knochenbrecher"
      • "Steine knackender" is now "Steinbrecher"
  • Numerous additional graphical, audio, animation, UI, and localization fixes