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Lancelot Patch #6
Date 14 May 2018
Version 1.11.362
Revision 117476
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Achievements: Players can now unlock a wide variety of achievements related to gathering, crafting, combat, farming, exploration, and more.

  • Achievements have a dedicated tab in the player stats menu.
  • Some achievements are secret, meaning they will be hidden until they are unlocked. All others will be viewable both before and after they are unlocked.
  • Achievements with incremental progress (kill X creatures, collect X gathering fame, etc) will have their progress displayed via a bar that fills with player progress.
  • As with all stats, unlocked achievements can be viewed by other players. Progress of partially completed achievements is not visible to other players.


  • Fixed an issue where stronger fish would sometimes become stuck in an animation loop during the minigame
  • Updated audio and animations for Battle Mounts' idle, attack, and gallop modes
  • Additional audio fixes/improvements:
    • Added new sounds for dragon mount and its spells
    • Adjusted footstep volumes
    • Adjusted Runestone volume for territories and orb levels in Arena
    • Added fire sound to workbench fireplace
  • Fixed an issue where the knockback/stun effects of Tackle didn't work if character was under the effect of The Void
  • Slit Throat skill animation is now active
  • Numerous additional visual, UI, animation, audio, and localization fixes