Version 1.12.365.123575

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Merlyn Patch #1
Date 8 August 2018
Version 1.12.365
Revision 123575
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  • Centered the Marketplace UI (and corresponding popups) and added display of player's current Silver
  • Regional maps now display both user and associate fees for buildings to disallow scamming via charging high associate fees and setting all players as associates
  • When receiving an invitation for a duel with a Silver wager, the Silver value now appears in red to make it more distinguishable from duels without wagers
  • Updated icons for territories in Guild UI: added icons for castles and cities
  • The "Likely Returns" window for Laborers now includes all possible resource types, not just the primary one
  • Added a confirmation message when canceling Marketplace orders
  • All input sliders now update their position while typing (not just when submitting / deselecting)

Balance Changes


  • Mercenary Jacket:
    • CC Resistance Factor: 0.1 -> 0.2
  • Assassin Jacket:
    • CC Resistance Factor: 0.2 -> 0.1


  • Lymhurst Cape:
    • Energy Regeneration per second: 5% -> 8%


  • Fixed an issue where, after crossing to or from an unrestricted PvP area while mounted and holding the mouse button, movement would stop and require clicking again
  • Mount gallop / speed boost sounds of other players are now muted in cities
  • Fixed an issue where, when opening item details from the Market UI or inspecting players, only the base item was shown (i.e. quality and specialization bonuses did not appear)
  • Fixed an issue where a player's selected spells were not visible when inspecting them
  • Thetford-flagged players will no longer take damage from the Thetford Commander's Meteor spell
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed two faction bosses to spawn at one outpost
  • Fixed an issue where the Destiny Board was displaying the next Mastery / Specialization level instead of the current one
  • Fixed an issue where, when accessing the Destiny Board via the Item UI, the Fame level displayed in the weapon node was incorrect
  • Adjusted colors on forest maps to differentiate non-playable areas from lowered ones
  • Re-added missing resources to Inis Mon cluster
  • Fixed an issue where total price and tax in Marketplace UI appeared incorrect because decimals did not display
  • Corrected Artifact item listing order in the Hunters' Lodge
  • Fixed an issue where, when crafting with a full inventory and journals, the updated journals would take up a slot and prevent returned resources from being generated
  • Character weight no longer changes when splitting stacks of items
  • Fixed an issue where text in speech bubbles would sometimes appear as gibberish / placeholder text to other players
  • Corrected an issue that allowed overfeeding of farm animals
  • Equipping from a chest will no longer equip an off-hand item if a two-handed weapon is already equipped
  • Fixed an issue where using Bloody Reap (Infernal Scythe) would silence the caster
  • Fixed and issue where Protection of the Fiends and Magic Sphere buffs were not active for their whole duration (the buff would sometimes drop for a brief moment)
  • Fixed an issue where the region map would sometimes not display correctly when opened from the world map
  • [Android / iOS] Fixed the zoom orientation when pinching to zoom the world map
  • Multiple characters using Deathward Climax on the same target will no longer override each others' effects
  • Fixed an issue where harvesting crops right after they become fully grown displayed an incorrect yield
  • [RU Version] Fixed an issue where Cyrillic ё and Ё characters were not displayed correctly
  • Numerous additional graphical, UI, audio, animation, and localization fixes