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Merlyn Patch #2
Date 15 August 2018
Version 1.12.365
Revision 124104
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Updated Marketplace, management, and map UIs:

  • Added plus/minus buttons to price input in the Marketplace UI for buy/sell orders
  • Limited the Marketplace max. price input to 999,999,999 to avoid issues with high inputs and stack sizes
  • When editing buy orders, the UI now checks to see whether the player has enough Silver (player needs complete amount, not only additional difference)
  • Added loading indicator and reload functionality to Marketplace UI
  • Tooltips now display on all Marketplace tabs, even the current one
  • Updated icons for canceling own orders
  • Added timer to show when items will be removed from Completed tab
  • Added tooltips to chest tab management buttons
  • Added a player search function to the Rights Management UI
  • Added hourglass icon to Faction Warfare outpost cooldown displays and to chat icons

Balance Changes to Faction Warfare

Trade Missions

To reconcile the risk of Faction Trade Missions with their rewards, the weight of the Medium Trade Mission quest item "Unsuspicious Boxes" was increased from 288.5kg to 688kg. Transporting this item will now generally require mounts with higher load capacity (such as regular horses, stags, and oxen) and exclude many mounts with higher survivability. This increases the risk of these lucrative missions, and brings them more in line with the current rewards.

Faction Bosses

  • Lymhurst Champion:
    • Boaris (his boar) will now reset/disappear when the champion disengages (i.e. when all attacking players are dead or have retreated)
    • Boaris' enraged state now has an additional stacking move speed bonus effect
  • Thetford Champion:
    • The effects of his Firebolt spell are now increased when a target is struck by 6 or more Firebolts

Faction Capes

  • Martlock Cape:
    • Buff Duration: 3s -> 5s


  • GvGs in zones that were converted from yellow to red with Merlyn now have the intended item power softcap
  • Channeling spells are now canceled when the target turns invisible, which is their intended behavior
  • Block buff is now active during the entire channeling process
  • Fixed an issue where players lost PvP flagging when respawning
  • Fixed an issue where City Guards would immediately enrage at the start of a fight and would remain enraged, canceling their auto-attacks
  • Fixed an issue where Smoke Bomb didn't silence party members
  • Fixed an issue where Passive Burn (Fire Staffs) was not working when the caster had more than 500 health
  • Audio fixes:
    • fixed fishing float sounds
    • fixed looping crafting sound when resources are destroyed
  • Additional localization, graphical, UI, and resource placement fixes