Version 1.12.365.126895

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Merlyn Preseason Balance Patch, Hotfix 1
Date 28 September 2018
Version 1.12.365
Revision 126895
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Version 1.12.365.126590 Version 1.12.365.127503
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Balance Changes

  • Standtime has been reduced from 0.2s to 0s (i.e. removed) for the following Holy Staff spells (this change was originally intended for the Preaseason Balance Patch):
    • Flash Heal
    • Generous Heal
    • Smite


  • Fixed an issue where random horse sounds would sometimes occur in the open world
  • Fixed the following spell bugs:
    • Bow: Enchanted Quiver now has its reported 30 second buff duration (was 25 seconds)
    • Holy Staff: Celestial Sphere displays the visual effect and projectile for its last impact
    • Mace: Force of Nature now taunts all mob targets hit, as intended