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Nimue Update
Date 21 November 2018
Version 1.13.369
Revision 130684
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Windows versions with 32bit are no longer supported. For more information, click here.


Crystal Realm Battles

The Crystal Realm is a brand-new 5v5 guild-versus-guild arena, accessible from Watchtower territories while a GvG Season is in progress. Any guild with a Watchtower territory can choose to take part in these battles, allowing a greater number of teams to participate in GvG fights. All participants receive a proportionate share of the loot, and teams are matched based on a ranking system that includes a team's current Watchtower level.

For more details on Crystal Realm Battles, please see this forum post.

Party Finder

The Party Finder is a lobby system that lets players create and join parties for a broad range of open-world activities. Built for solo players, small groups, and guilds, this feature allows for a broad range of gameplay options, ranging from spontaneous dungeon and Hellgate raids to organized guild activities and roleplay.

For more details of the Party Finder system, please see this forum post.

Guild Logo Change/Preview

Guild logos can now be changed after creation, and can also be previewed on capes, shields, mounts, and banners during the design process. Changing a pre-existing guild logo costs 3000 Gold and has a cooldown period of 48 hours before it can be changed again.

Target Markers: Allies, enemy players, and enemy NPCs can now be marked with six different icons to allow for increased visibility and control, particularly during open-world ZvZ and PvE fights. These markers can also be assigned to hotkeys for on-the-fly use during combat.

Party Members' Roles: Combat roles (Defensive, Fighter, and Healer) now display for party members while in the open world. These roles can be overwritten or changed to "No Role" as desired.

Guardian Aspects: These smaller versions of Tier 6 raid Guardians spawn randomly throughout the open world, giving smaller groups an opportunity to earn valuable resources.

Mob Faction Capes: These capes are crafted using crests dropped by elite mobs, along with a regular cape and a City Heart resource. They offer unique passive spells to support various combat builds. For details of these capes, please see the "Combat Balance Changes and New Items" section below.

New Custom Match Map: Nimue brings a new Custom Match map (system name: resources2), set in a mountain biome watchtower territory with a different layout than the existing resource map. As a reminder, to start a custom match, form a party of five and invite another party of five by typing the following:

/cm [otherpartyleadername] [mapname] (Example: /cm PrintsKaspian resources2)


  • Buildings, crops, animals, furniture, and laborers can now be placed via cursor (PC, Mac and Linux only)
  • Premade parties now persist through instanced clusters (Arena, Expeditions, custom matches, etc.)
  • Specific lines can now be locked in chat, and up to 10,000 lines of chat history can now be viewed
  • Party leaders now have a leader icon on their nameplate and appear on the minimap as a blue dot
  • Faction zergs are now displayed on the minimap with faction-based colors
  • Numerous NPCs have full voiceover lines, and several have been reworked with new character models and animations
  • Merchant buildings have increased exterior lighting effects for improved visibility at night
  • The Faction Trade Mission building has been removed, and Trade Missions are now available directly from the Faction NPC (in a new tab)
  • Stack and sort buttons have been added to the inventory UI, and you can also move items between your inventory and other containers without stacking by using ALT + left click
  • Minimap ping has received a visual overhaul, making it more visible and easier to pinpoint. Ping is now sent to all party members, and a hotkey (Default: P) has been added to send minimap ping of own position
  • Guild UI now displays location of guild island (at top of Territory tab)
  • Guild Account and Siphoned Energy Supply now have logs
  • Added the option to select which nodes should auto-learn (note: all nodes are off by default; auto-learn must be turned on generally AND individual nodes must be toggled on as well)
  • Hovering over a category in the Marketplace or Black Market will now reveal its subcategories
  • Retaliate attack now instantly claims ownerless territories
  • When placing farm animals, a preview of the animal now appears (as with crops)


Tier 8 Resource Redistribution

  • T8 resources that were in territories have been redistributed into the open world
  • High-end regions in the Outlands (the faction homebases and the regions around them) now spawn tier 8 resources regularly
  • Since territories are now boosted with Crystal Realm Battles, this is an opportunity to make tier 8 resource harvesting more interesting and more fairly accessible for all guilds

Tier 5 Resource Changes

  • Nodes can now have up to 5 charges (up from 4)
  • Chance of rare resources is doubled in nodes that spawn in Tier 5 zones on the Royal Continent
  • For example, for rarity level 1 resources:
    • Yellow Zones: 12% → 24%
    • red: 20% → 40%

Arena Improvements

The Arena system has received some updates based on player feedback:

  • A team of 5 players queueing for the Arena will now be matched only against other teams of 5 players.
  • Groups of 1,2 or 3 players will be matched against other teams build from 1,2 or 3 player groups.
  • Groups of 4 players will not be able to queue from now on.
  • A kill is now worth 2 tickets (increased from 1).
  • Each of the first three wins per day will now reward the following:
    • 3x Arena Tokens
    • 3x Journeyman's Tome of Insight (each worth 5000 Fame, non-tradable)
    • 1x Adept's Bag of Silver (worth 10,000 Silver, non-tradable)

These rewards are comparable to a similar time investment in Albion's Group Expeditions. They should give a certain incentive but by no means offer a better Fame or Silver farming method compared to open-world activities.

Faction Boss changes

All Faction Warfare Outpost Bosses have had their specific mechanics adjusted so that groups of fewer than three players now have a viable chance of surviving these encounters. With this change, very experienced solo players or skilled groups of two should now have a better chance of taking part in outpost battles.

Additional Changes and Updates

  • Construction NPCs are hard at work building the upcoming Champions' Hall near the Caerleon Realmgate
  • Significantly improved the rewards from Treasure Sites and Relic Chests
  • Increased the chance of Soul & Relic artifacts in Hellgate chests and boss loot
  • Equipment is now locked during duels, and cannot be changed while a duel is active
  • Committing suicide no longer unlocks the "Welcome to Albion" achievement
  • After death, the screen goes black and you cannot hear surrounding sounds
  • Removed quality and crafting time when buying battlemounts (these stats will not be removed for already existent mounts)
  • Removed legacy battlemounts from the game, meaning these mounts can no longer be exchanged for siphoned energy
  • Keeper Cultivators now have their own enrage spell
  • Keeper Sharpeyes now auto-attack between spells

Combat Balance Changes and New Items

New Items: Mob Faction Capes

All Mob Faction Capes have the same max energy and energy regeneration benefits as normal capes. Additionally, each has a unique ability which is automatically triggered by certain conditions and then goes on cooldown:

  • Devious Trap (Heretic Cape)
    • Condition: Activates when you cast a shoe slot spell
    • Effect: Drops a trap below your feet, which is activated once an enemy steps onto it. Roots and deals physical damage.
    • 100 IP = 110s
    • 1300 IP = 80s
    • Cooldown: scales with IP
  • Vanisher (Undead Cape)
    • Condition: Activates when you take damage and your health is below 20%.
    • Effect: Turns you invisible for 6s (you can still use abilities while invisible, but your damage and heal power are reduced by 50%)
    • Cooldown: scales with IP (100 IP = 164.3s, 1300 IP 120s)
  • Berserk (Keeper Cape)
    • Condition: Activates when your health drops below 60%
    • Effect: Increases your damage by 40% for 6s.
    • Cooldown: scales with IP (100 IP = 137.2s, 1300 IP = 100s)
  • Mark of the Raven (Morgana Cape)
    • Condition: Activates when you use an E-slot ability
    • Effect: Increases your cast- and attack speed by 50% for 8s.
    • Cooldown: scales with IP (100 IP = 150.8s, 1300 IP = 100s)
  • Opening to Hell (Demon Cape)
    • Condition: Activated by normal attack
    • Effect: Creates a 3m radius lava area below the enemy. Deals magic damage every 0.5s.
    • Cooldown: 60s

Arcane Staffs

  • Removed the spell Magic Sphere (Great Arcane Staff)
  • Added the new spell Time Freeze (Great Arcane Staff):
    • Freezes time for all enemies in a 5m radius for 3.5s. (ignoring crowd control resistance) Frozen enemies can't move or cast and are immune to all types of spells. Enemy players are also immune to damage.
  • Arcane Orb (Arcane Staff)
    • Now purges only buffs, but no Heal Effects anymore.
  • Protective Beam (Enigmatic Staff)
    • Shield Area: 4m → 5m
    • Cast Range: 9m → 12m


  • Reworked the Deadly Shot ability:
    • It is now an instant skillshot with 3s cooldown: Shoots an arrow in a straight line, which pierces through all enemies in its way, dealing physical damage.
    • Also reduces enemy resistances for 6s (stacks up to 3 times)
  • Frost Shot (all Bows)
    • Hit Delay: 0.4s → 0.2s
    • Standtime: 0.4s → 0.2s
    • Jump Range: 9m → 13m
    • Cooldown: 10s → 15s

Frost Staffs

  • Avalanche (Hoarfrost Staff)
    • Freeze Duration: 2s → 2.5s


  • Giant Steps (Forge Hammers)
    • Now ignores Crowd Control Resistance

Holy Staffs

  • Salvation (Fallen Staff)
    • Cooldown: 20s → 25s
  • Celestial Sphere (Redemption Staff)
    • Jump Interval: 0.8s → 0.6s
    • Max Number of Jumps: 12 → 14


  • Removed the spell Threatening Strike (all Maces)
  • Added the new spell Threatening Smash (all Maces)
    • After a 0.7s windup you swing your mace and hit every enemy in front of you. Dealing physic damage and also creating threat on all creatures hit.
    • Cooldown: 6s
  • Removed the spell Silencing Strike (Mace)
  • Added the new spell Deep Leap (Mace)
    • You jump to a ground target location, dealing physical damage to all enemies in a 5m radius. The further away the target, the more damage you deal.
    • Cooldown: 25s

Nature Staffs

  • Circle of Life (Nature Staff)
    • Cooldown: 20s → 18s
  • Spiritual Seed (Druidic Staff)
    • Doesn't count as Healing buff anymore and thus can't be purged anymore
  • Ruthless Nature (Blight Staff)
    • Heal per Tick: 27.22 → 29.50


  • Separator (Quarterstaff)
    • Now knocks enemies in range into the air for 0.9s instead of knocking them away.


  • Removed the spell Berserker (Mage Robe)
  • Added the spell Purging Shield (Mage Robe)
    • Creates a purging shield on you. Increases your resistances for 6s. While the shield is active, enemies lose all buffs whenever they damage you. (Does not remove enemy heal effects)
    • (Cooldown: 60s)
  • Electric Field (Stalker Jacket)
    • Damage: 24.42 → 26.70
    • Hit Delay: 0.4s → 0s
    • Standtime: 0.6s → 0s
  • Force Field (Judicator Armor)
    • Increased Healing: 35% → 30%


  • Electric Discharge (Judicator Helmet)
    • Cast Time: 1.2s → 0.9s


  • Removed the spell Inspiring Charge (Demon Boots)
  • Added the new spell Vengeful Sprint (Demon Boots)
    • Your damage and move speed is increased for 6s. Each stack grants 5% additional damage and 20% speed increase. The less health you have upon activation, the more stacks you gain. (max 8 stacks) - Cooldown 30s
  • Shield Charge (Knight Boots)
    • Cooldown: 30s → 25s
    • Shield Strength: 188.74 → 200.00
    • Range: 11m → 15m


  • All Healing Potions
    • Cooldown: 120s → 90s
  • All Energy Potions
    • Cooldown: 120s → 90s
  • All Poison Potions
    • Poison potions no longer trigger effects that are activated by damage dealt. (For example, poison damage doesn't trigger Bloodlust healing)
    • Number of ticks: 15 → 7
    • Tick Interval: 0.5s → 1s
    • Debuff Duration: 7.5s → 7s
    • Damage vs Players per tick: 0.5% → 1%
    • Damage vs Mobs per tick: 75 → 90


  • Strong Sip (Beer Mug)
    • Cooldown: 20s → 5s


  • Fixed an issue where Watchtower Guards' Warcry spell was buffing friendly characters
  • Fixed an issue where the Watchtower UI did not open during the Territory Unclaimable event
  • Fixed issues with loot UI where contents did not display correctly, furniture items appeared as damaged, and UI did not refresh correctly when opening multiple loot chests
  • Debuff of Protection of the Fiends now correctly affects caster - previously the debuff only lasted 1s
  • Focus Restoration Potions can now be used while mounted
  • Holy Touch now heals characters under the effects of Block as intended
  • Arcane Orb's Silence effect can now be cleansed as intended
  • Devastating Strike will knock back and stun already CCed enemies as intended
  • Dodge is now immune to displacement effects, and can bypass Wall of Flames and Wind Wall
  • Numerous additional graphical, UI, localization, audio, and animation fixes