Version 1.14.379.139329

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Oberon Patch #1
Date 27 March 2019
Version 1.14.379
Revision 139329
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Version 1.14.379.138841 Version 1.14.381.140241
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  • The winners' statue to honor Blue Army's victory in the 4th season was removed from the Portal area in order to prepare the monument for the upcoming winner of Season 5. It will remain in Conqueror’s Hall for eternity.
  • Deactivated Trial Key purchase option in the Invite-a-Friend menu
  • Set default quality to Ultra Settings for desktop clients
  • Self-healing now applies a healing sickness effect, just like being healed by another player
  • Added a whisper limit that restricts players from whispering to too many different players in a short amount of time to prevent spamming
  • Added additional effects to Randomized Dungeon entrances for better readability


  • Fixed a visual issue with the link on the Premium page (exchanged chest for crown)
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial forge anvil animation
  • Adjusted volume levels for some ambient sounds
  • Fixed various sound issues for bosses
  • Additional minor localization, graphical, audio, and animation fixes