Version 1.14.381.140808

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Oberon Patch 3
Date 17 April 2019
Version 1.14.381
Revision 140808
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The Rites of Spring have begun! Chests containing Fool's Golden Eggs have appeared throughout the world of Albion. Break them open to gather eggs, which can be traded for costume items at the Vanity Merchant in all cities.


  • Adjusted guild change timer back to 48 hours (was reduced to 30 minutes during F2P launch week)
  • Greatly increased buff provided by Silver shrines in Randomized Dungeons to be more rewarding - their bonus will be increased from 50% to 400% for the duration of the buff
  • Removed the indication area from Contagious Fire to improve performance and remove a flickering bug
  • Spell buttons are no longer greyed out while a toggle spell is running


  • Identified and fixed an issue with display of character name tags that was affecting client performance, which should stabilize frame rate during gameplay
  • Fixed incorrect rotations of some spell indication areas
  • Corrected tooltip descriptions of Gold and Premium in character selection screen
  • Fixed World Map "Reset Camera" button
  • Fixed a bug where executing a downed player failed under very high ping conditions
  • Fixed a bug where the Fame reward for capturing an outpost was wrong in the UI when a Fame buff was active
  • Additional minor graphical, UI, terrain, animation, audio, and localization fixes