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Oberon Patch #4
Date 25 April 2019
Version 1.14.381
Revision 141258
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Version 1.14.381.140808 Version 1.14.381.141987
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Changes to the Land Auction System

Land auctions now use a "blind auction" system:

  • During the bidding phase of the land auction, the highest bid is no longer visible to everyone - instead, bidders can only see their own bids.
  • 24 hours before the end of the auction cycle, bidding ends, and the winning bid and player are visible to all players in the Real Estate UI. At this point, any blocked funds are released and all ingame confirmation messages are sent. (This phase replaces the current "Owners Only" bidding phase.)
  • The winning bid of the previous auction will remain visible at all times.
  • Players will no longer receive in-game messages related to changes in the highest bidder during the auction phase.
  • The Real Estate UI has been updated to reflect these changes.


  • The Rites of Spring have now ended - egg chests no longer spawn in the open world, and spring decorations have been removed from cities
  • The mines and sticky potions of the Heretic Chief Blaster now last half as long as before

Hellgate Changes:

  • We've revisited rewards for all full-loot PvP Hellgates, and have made significant increases to Black Market loot, artifact drops, Silver rewards, and Fame earned
  • Item Power Scaling for Yellow Zone HG: 800 IP -> 700 IP

Reputation Changes:

  • Yellow zones now have the same reputation requirements as red zones, to avoid cases where players could get stuck in red zones
  • Minimum Reputation to enter yellow zones: -3,000 → -10,000


  • Laborer Journals now show "Fame" instead of "Quality" when opening description, as intended
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on linked items showed them as having no enchantment, even at higher enchantment levels
  • Fixed a bug where items that could be crafted for Silver only did not show how much Silver would be gained by salvaging
  • Fixed an issue where Gold Market / Premium / Albion Shop buttons remained highlighted after closing the UI
  • Polished sounds for all Nature, Arcane, and Holy Staff Spells according to their intensity, and fixed missing sounds
  • The indication of the Morgana Footman's spell Strike has been improved and should be more accurate
  • Additional minor graphical, terrain, UI, audio, and localization fixes