Version 1.14.381.144529

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Oberon Patch 9
Date 19 June 2019
Version 1.14.381
Revision 144529
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Version 1.14.381.143913 Version 1.15.382.145855
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  • Rubberband Boots are now tradeable as intended
  • To better reward the winning team in a Hellgate, Fame was shifted from Trapped Demons (- 40% previous Fame) to the Sadistic Overlord (+ 100% previous Fame). The overall Fame earned in a Hellgate stays roughly the same.


  • Fixed an issue where Guild Application and Alliance Invitation messages could not be deleted
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow characters with extremely high amounts of Silver to place bids
  • Magic Pollen (Harvester Cap) is now cleanseable, as intended
  • Additional minor worldmap, UI, terrain, and localization fixes