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Percival Patch 1 and Hotfix 1.1
Date 17 July 2019
Version 1.15.382
Revision UNKNOWN
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Version 1.15.382.145855 Version 1.15.383.147232
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Percival Hotfix 1.1

Anniversary Decorations and Items

Albion Online is celebrating its second anniversary! To spread the festive mood, decorations have been added to all cities.

Additionally, all players with accounts created prior to July 17 have received fireworks and the new Anniversary Banner. Rewards must be claimed before July 24 at 10:00 UTC by logging in, clicking the gear icon at the upper right corner, and selecting "Claim Rewards".

Changes and Improvements

Solo Randomized Dungeon Exits Updated

Leaving a Solo Randomized Dungeon no longer requires a channeling spell - now they can also be exited by walking into a highlighted exit area, as with other dungeon types. Leaving via the channeled "Exit Dungeon" spell (Hotkey: A) is still available at all times.

Other Changes

  • Added a new error message for when login failed due to island upgrade in progress or cluster being full
  • Reduced memory use for devices with less than 5GB RAM
  • Improved and polished audio for Armor and Helmet spells
  • Updated loading screens for Keeper and Undead dungeons

Combat Balance Changes


  • Parry Strike (new W spell introduced with Percival):
    • Energy Cost: 6% → 9%
    • Cooldown: 8s → 12s


  • Finishing an Expedition or Arena session initiated from an island will now return the player to the island, rather than the cluster from which the island was accessed
  • Behavior of Fearless Strike (Carving Sword) has been standardized - the spell now always deals damage after armor reduction is taken into account
  • Fixed an issue where Rising Blow was not knocking characters airborne as intended
  • Mount skins can no longer be applied to the Spectral Direboar
  • Additional minor worldmap, UI, terrain, and localization fixes