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Percival Patch 3 and [Known Issue] Wrong Castle Scoring Times
Date 15 August 2019
Version 1.15.383
Revision 148174
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[Known Issue] Wrong Castle Scoring Times

Sales of Vanity Items Discontinued

In anticipation of the expanded Wardrobe feature coming with the next content update, sale orders of following items have been canceled, and while they can still be traded directly between players they cannot be crafted, bought or sold on the Marketplace:

  • Red Tulip Hat
  • Red Tulip Dress
  • Red Tulip Shoes
  • Rich Noble's Hat
  • Rich Noble's Doublet
  • Rich Noble's Footwear
  • Bridal Veil
  • Bridal Dress
  • Bridal Shoes
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Groom Hat
  • Groom Suit
  • Groom Shoes
  • Groom Cape
  • Wedding Ring
  • Jester Mask
  • Jester Costume
  • Jester Shoes
  • Uncle Frost's Hat
  • Yule Hat
  • Yule Coat
  • Yule Shoes
  • Yule Backpack
  • Snow Bunny Stalker Hat
  • Bunny Stalker Hat
  • Bunny Stalker Overalls
  • Bunny Stalker Shoes
  • Bunny Stalker Basket
  • Hygienic Mask
  • Hygienic Coat
  • Hygienic Boots
  • Grinning Pumpkin Head
  • Sad Pumpkin Head
  • Angry Pumpkin Head
  • Laughing Skull
  • Ribcage
  • Legbones
  • Ragged Cape
  • Undead Skull
  • Undead Ribcage
  • Undead Legs
  • Ragged Undead Cape
  • Master of Bats Helmet
  • Master of Bats Cape
  • Recruiter's Cape
  • Riuros Cape
  • Recruiter's Banner
  • Ogronios Banner
  • Recruiter's Cape - Toad
  • Recruiter's Cape - Rottweiler
  • Recruiter's Tiger Cape
  • Recruiter's Fur Cape
  • Recruiter's Grey Wolf Cape
  • Recruiter's Portal Cannon
  • Recruiter's Fox Crop
  • Recruiter's Beer Mug
  • Recruiter's Ale Mug
  • Recruiter's Hunter Horn
  • Recruiter's Trumpet
  • Legendary Explorer's Cloak
  • Legendary Explorer's Hat
  • Legendary Explorer's Armor
  • Legendary Explorer's Boots
  • Legendary Adventurer's Cloak
  • Legendary Adventurer's Hat
  • Legendary Adventurer's Armor
  • Legendary Adventurer's Boots
  • Explorer's Hat
  • Explorer's Armor
  • Explorer's Boots
  • Adventurer's Helmet
  • Adventurer's Jacket
  • Adventurer's Shoes
  • Arena Veteran's Circlet
  • Arena Veteran's Cloak
  • Arena Veteran's Boots
  • Arena Veteran's Cape
  • Arena Veteran's Eyepatch
  • Arena Veteran's Small Banner
  • Arena Veteran's Medium Banner
  • Arena Veteran's Large Banner
  • Decorative Undead Platemail Cape
  • Decorative Undead Leather Cape
  • Decorative Undead Cloth Cape
  • Decorative Keeper Platemail Cape
  • Decorative Keeper Leather Cape
  • Decorative Keeper Cloth Cape
  • Decorative Morgana Platemail Cape
  • Decorative Morgana Leather Cape
  • Decorative Morgana Cloth Cape

For a more detailed explanation of these changes and the reasoning behind the cancellation of these orders, please see this forum post:

Changes and Improvements

  • Based on community feedback, the castle scoring time slot at 19 UTC has been moved to 20 UTC
  • The Heretic Chief Blaster has been practicing and is now able to throw his mines and bombs through obstacles
  • Poison zones in Undead Randomized Dungeons now tick every 3 seconds (was every second)
  • Due to noise complaints, Silver Bag opening sounds are now shorter, quieter, and only play twice, even when many bags are opened in succession
  • Improved spell indications for Keeper Giant and Rock Elemental
  • All passive spell sounds have been reviewed, fixed as needed, and generally "tuned up"

Combat Balance Changes

One-Handed Cursed Staff

  • Death Curse
    • Damage from Death Curse can no longer be reflected


  • Adventurer's Challenge mounts have been assigned a value, meaning repairing them now costs Silver as intended
  • Fixed issue where 'Cluster is full' message would pop up even when cluster change was successful
  • Guard Towers will now only target hostile players with an active Outlaw debuff
  • "Floating" lanterns in numerous dungeon templates have been reattached to solid objects
  • Fixed the "skating mobs" issue that allowed Earthchild and Cursed Deathmaster to slide around between attack animations
  • Alliance tag now disappears from access rights if alliance is disbanded
  • Fixed an issue where using a ranged weapon or targeted spell would not put you in combat state until the projectile hit
  • Access rights logs are now no longer lost when upgrading/downgrading a building
  • Fixed an issue where single characters were not imported correctly when copy/pasting chest access rights
  • Royal Cities have regained their pride and will display their banners on the World Map once again
  • Spell fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where Battle Frenzy would also make user immune to knockback effects
    • Fixed an issue where Cleanse was not triggering Adrenaline Driven Charity passive as intended
    • Parry Strike no longer counters non-CC and Damage-related effects of a spell (such as Death Curse and other debuffs)
  • Additional graphical, UI, audio, animation, terrain, and localization fixes