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Percival Patch 8
Date 23 October 2019
Version 1.15.387
Revision 152379
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Allhallows Has Arrived!

From now until maintenance on November 13, Allhallows descends upon Albion! Get ready for spooky events and limited time rewards, including:

  • "Hallowed Ground", a new Halloween-themed Group Dungeon with a rare chance of spawning in all T4-T8 zones, as well as T3 black zones
    • Fight creepy mobs in an all-new, Halloween-themed dungeon, then face off against the mysterious boss known only as Bob
    • Score valuable loot, including a rare chance for Halloween-themed mount skins like the Jack o' Donkey and Horse Macabre
  • A Death Race with fabulous prizes
  • Halloween Decorations in all cities
  • A week-long Fame Boost

For more information about Allhallows in Albion, please see this article.

Adventurer's Tokens

  • Players can now trade in Adventurer's Challenge avatar border unlock items at the Vanity Merchant to receive an Adventurer's Token
  • Each border gives one Adventurer's Token, which is bound to the same character
  • The first item available for tokens will be a new Adventurer's Avatar Border, which will cost 2 tokens and also be bound to your character
  • Additional new items purchasable for tokens will be introduced in the coming months

Other Changes

  • Construction crews are hard at work in front of Conquerors' Hall, preparing for the new Season 7 winner statue
  • Exploding Barrels no longer need to be destroyed to unlock reward chests in Randomized Dungeons


  • Channeling spells are now canceled upon changing clusters
  • Channeling spells are now canceled upon opening lootbags, and using a spell with the lootbag open will close the lootbag
  • "Alone No Longer" Achievement will now unlock immediately when a friend request is accepted
  • Additional minor graphical, UI, and localization fixes