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Queen Patch 1 and Hotfix 1.1
Date 29 January 2020
Version 1.16.392
Revision Unknown
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Version 1.16.392.158262 Version 1.16.392.159212
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Hotfix 1.1

Dungeon Changes and Improvements

  • Fame and loot for Elite Randomized Dungeons (the large-group Avalonian dungeons found in the Outlands) have been greatly boosted:
    • Fame from enemies had been increased by approximately 45%
    • Loot from enemies has been increased by approximately 110%
    • Loot from chests has been increased by approximately 28%
      • Avalonian-specific loot has been increased by approximately 50%
  • Fixed an issue where chests in Solo Randomized Dungeons were sometimes empty
  • In all dungeons, the chance of each individual in a party now receiving some loot from a chest has been increased, and the distribution of loot between party members will be more even


  • Hideouts under construction can now only be seen on the local cluster map by those currently in the cluster
  • Gold price for Premium status has been adjusted (for more information on this topic, click here)
  • Updated Hideouts UI to more clearly explain when Hideout can be attacked


  • Fixed an issue where Windows 7, MacOS, and Android users had an increased frequency of blackscreens and disconnects
  • Treasures now spawn at cluster primetime on Saturdays and Sundays as intended