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Queen Patch 4
Date 19 February 2020
Version 1.16.393
Revision 160378
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Caerleon Realmgate Memorial Statue

A monument has been built at the destroyed Caerleon Realmgate in honor of those who fought off the Avalonian Invasion. It honors the top three guilds of the Standalone Season:

  • Error404: Main Statue w/Guild Banner, Monument Text
  • Black Order: Side Statue w/Guild Banner
  • RAQ: Side Statue w/Guild Banner

Visit the former site of the Realmate in Caerleon and pay your respects!


  • The magic of the Avalonians now includes interior decorating, bringing new splendor to their dungeons in the form of various art, effect, audio, and terrain improvements
  • Avalonian Armors now change appearance as their tier increases (T4-T8)
  • Improved visual effects for reflected damage for Thorns, Inferno Shield, and Frost Shield spells
  • Elite Dungeons opened via Dungeon Maps now have their own marker to differentiate them from other dungeon types
  • Improved minimaps for all major cities, including their banks, Marketplaces, and Conquerors' Halls
  • Loot UIs now load faster and scroll more smoothly
  • Audio improvements:
    • Polished and cleaned up all Avalonian mob sounds and expanded sound set of Avalonian Winged Guard (Eagle)
    • Improved and expanded sound sets for all bear mounts
    • Added new voiceovers for Morgana Fang and Morgana Magistra
    • Updated Territory defense beam sound and lowered its volume


  • Being transported out of a zone by the Smart Cluster Queue now gives a guaranteed protection bubble
  • The Avalonian Priest's Divine Beam now includes a heal-over-time effect, which stacks while the beam is active to give more healing, and remains active for 10 tics after the bean ends (can be purged)
  • To differentiate between them in combat, armor types have received a slight visual scaling adjustment: plate armors are now slightly larger, while cloth armors are now slightly smaller

Hideout and Territory Fixes

  • Limited furniture placement in various parts of territories and Hideouts, including Hideout exits where furniture would prevent players from leaving
  • Marketplace notifications for items bought/sold in Hideouts now correctly reference the Hideout name
  • Renamed "Territories" section of Guild UI to "Guild Estates", which is now expanded to include Guild Island, Hideouts, and Territories
    • Note: clicking the icon next to an item on this list will show its position on the world map
  • Fixed an issue where members of non-defending guilds could not view the battle UI of an upcoming territory battle via the world map
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled territory battles were not displayed on the territory UI when opened via the Guild UI
  • Numerous additional fixes and improvements to the Territory, City Fight, and Crystal League signup UIs

Other Fixes

  • Caerleon now correctly registers as "Last City" for respawn purposes when it is the last city visited before dying
  • Improved readability of Smart Cluster Queue UI and Island Move UI
  • Fixed an issue where party kills were not correctly triggering three achievements:
    • Bound By His Oath
    • In a League of Their Own
    • Pull the Plug
  • Two-handed vanity items now display in the offhand slot as well when equipped
  • Desert Wolves have been renamed to "Hyenas" to more accurately reflect their appearance and sound
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild Challenge UI displayed incorrectly for some players without guilds
  • Mercenary Laborers now display more accurate return ranges
  • Additional minor animation, terrain, graphical, audio, and localization fixes