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Queen Patch 14 and Hotfix 14.1, 14.2, 14.3
Date 22 June 2020
Version 1.16.396
Revision 168823
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Version 1.16.396.167506 Version 1.16.396.169758
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Hotfix 14.1

Hotfix 14.2

Hotfix 14.3

Smart Cluster Queue Adjustments

  • Players removed from a zone via the cluster queue now receive a special Queue Removal Protection status: as long as they stay close to the entrance and do not perform any actions, they will stay invisible and invulnerable, but they are also silenced and can’t attack other players for up to 150 seconds. This will allow them to stay in the queue to re-enter the zone for at least one queue cycle.
  • If a player moves away from the entrance, or after the 150-second period ends, the Queue Removal Protection will be canceled, and the player will instead get a normal zone change bubble and will stay silenced for an additional 3 seconds.
  • Players who enter an overcrowded zone via the queue and then leave through an exit within 60 seconds will receive an Early Retreat Debuff. This debuff prevents them from re-queuing for the same zone for 10 minutes. This Early Retreat Debuff is only applied to players who entered the zone via the queue, not to players who entered via simply walking in.
  • The length of the cluster queue cycle time (the time it takes for the queue to let in or remove additional players) has been increased from 90 seconds to 120 seconds.

The above changes are designed to counteract a strategy used by large groups to gain control of zones by repeatedly joining via the queue and immediately leaving again. For more details and discussion of these changes, please see this forum post:

Mobile Improvements and Fixes

  • Added pasting of items in chat by dragging and dropping items onto chat window, chat button, or chat input
  • Fixed an issue where minimap drag context menu could only be used if not doing anything else, e.g. walking, at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where item window spell tooltips would not show for already selected spells

Combat Balance Changes

Healing Sickness (2 sources of Healing)

  • The penalty for receiving Healing from 2 sources has been increased:
    • Reduction in Healing Received: 30% → 35.3%


  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to block some Hideout entrances with furniture
  • Fixed an issue where the first 1-2 rows of loot would not show when closing and reopening the loot UI
  • The Invisibility buff granted by Portal Shrines now also makes players immune to forced movement effects as intended
  • Transmutation resource requirements for Uncommon Ashenbark Logs and Uncommon Whitewood Logs have been lowered to the intended levels
  • The changes to Solo Randomized Dungeons in blue and yellow zones implemented in Patch 13 now also apply to dungeons accessed via Dungeon Maps, as intended
  • "Requite" skill on Armor of Valor (Avalonian Plate Armor) no longer consumes additional energy while channeling, as intended
  • "Deflecting Spin" (Spears) can no longer be purged, as intended
  • Additional minor localization, UI, audio, animation, and terrain fixes