Version 1.16.396.170737

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Queen Patch 16
Date 15 July 2020
Version 1.16.396
Revision 170737
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Version 1.16.396.169758 Version 1.17.403.172369
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  • [Android] Improved memory handling to increase stability for devices with over 4GB memory


  • Damage taken from Hellgate Warden and Gatekeeper spells can no longer be reflected

Combat Balance Changes

Holy Staffs

  • Flash Heal (all Holy Staffs):
    • Base Heal: 45 → 40
    • AoE Heal: 50 → 30


  • Fatal Blade (Black Monk Staff):
    • Hit Interval: every 0.5s → every 0.75s (this means the debuff stacks more slowly on enemies)


  • Self Ignition (Specter Jacket):
    • Burn Aura can no longer be stacked, meaning a maximum of 1 aura applies to any given target
    • Self Damage per tick: 3% of max health → 2% of max health