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Rise of Avalon Patch 1
Date 19 August 2020
Version 1.17.404
Revision 172780
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Corrupted Dungeon / Hellgate Changes

  • Corrupted Dungeons and Hellgates now allow swapping of food and potions
  • A minimum distance is now enforced between the owner of a dungeon and an invader's chosen spawn location
  • Hunter difficulty IP hardcap has been changed to a softcap (10% effective IP over 900) as intended
  • Decreased HP of Bewildered Heretic Brawler over all tiers by 7%:
    • Tier 5: 1519 → 1413
    • Tier 6: 1806 → 1680
    • Tier 7: 2253 → 2097

Other Changes

  • Guardians and Aspects are now immune to any forced movement effects like pull or knockback
  • Pathfinder Great Mage now attacks with an additional spell that not only inflicts damage but also increases all damage done by this Mage by 10% per stack


  • Zones with World Bosses now spawn resources again as intended
  • Fixed an issue where enchantment effects did not display on enchanted trees
  • Fixed an issue where the Marketplace UI could become slow or unstable during searches
  • Fixed an issue with the new spell cooldown countdown timer where the incorrect number of seconds would sometimes be displayed (actual duration was not affected)
  • Fixed an issue where players awaiting teleport via Smart Cluster Queue were not immune to crowd control effects
  • The indication area for the Cursed Skull ability "Haunting Screams" now shows the area and direction of casting as intended
  • Using the Escape ability to exit a Random Dungeon into an overcrowded cluster now offers alternative spawn cluster (like using an exit would)
  • Crafting Avalonian Weapons and Offhands now correctly fills corresponding Laborer Journals
  • Additional graphical, animation, terrain, and localization fixes