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Rise of Avalon Patch 8
Date 28 October 2020
Version 1.17.406
Revision 177587
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Version 1.17.406.177096 Version 1.17.406.179120
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Changes and Improvements

  • New Adventurer's Challenge furniture items can only be placed in Player Islands, Guild Islands, and Hideouts, and will have greatly reduced durability
  • Added the ability to hold plus / minus buttons of the amount slider for items - restores previous functionality of this slider
  • [Tutorial] Improved automatic interactions in tutorial hub area, adjusted scene layout, added secondary completion option to some quests
  • [Mobile] The Custom button now behaves like the joystick's mount button when used to mount
  • [iOS] Added incremental updating (Delta patching) for iOS


  • Defeated Meteorite and Adamantium Elementals now show their correct enchanted state
  • Improved Hit Detection of the ability Devastating Strike (Black Hands), and the ability now only purges on the first hit as intended
  • Fixed various terrain issues in Undead Randomized Dungeons, Avalonian Dungeons, and Roads of Avalon zones
  • Tier 5 Deranged Heretic Arbalist now displays his name correctly
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue where swiping to rotate vanity preview would gesture-close the UI
  • [Mobile] Improved spell description tooltip positioning in item windows
  • [Mobile] Joystick auto run mode now ends on using an attack or cast command
  • Additional minor graphical, animation, terrain, and localization fixes