Version 1.17.406.182620

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Rise of Avalon Patch 12
Date 13 January 2021
Version 1.17.406
Revision 182620
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  • Lowered global amount of Silver generated by the Black Market by 15%
  • Increased Silver drops from all non-Expedition mobs by 15%

Satchels of Insight, Tomes of Insight, and Respec

  • Increased cost per Respec Fame Credit from 0.75 to 0.9 Silver
  • Decreased the Silver cost of Fame from Satchels of Insight across all tiers by 30%
  • Decreased the amount of Tomes of Insight dropped by mobs by 10%
  • Increased Fame gain from Satchels of Insight by 10%

Corrupted Dungeons

  • Increased amount of rare and legendary loot chests appearing in Corrupted Dungeons, but reduced number of rare and legendary book chests accordingly
  • Decreased value of boss chests in Stalker and Slayer dungeons by 17.5%, but increased the percentage of boss loot received when killing another player from 50% to 100%. This change is intended to promote PvP in Corrupted Dungeons.

Smart Cluster Queue

  • Updated deactivation conditions: the queue can now be deactivated in the middle of an update cycle if player numbers allow
  • Players will no longer be able to skip overcrowded clusters within the first 2 minutes of queue activation


  • Reduced default graphics resolution on Android and iOS; graphical quality can still be adjusted as usual in Settings

Other Changes

  • Duels now end in a draw when either player is removed from an island or Hideout
  • A chat message is now sent when the territory commander in an owned territory is under attack


  • Fixed an issue where Smart Cluster Queue UI sometimes showed incorrect distance to exit
  • Emergency Heal (Guardian Helmet) now affects a maximum of 5 targets (including caster) as intended
  • Fixed an issue where dashes/pulls/knockbacks would sometimes interact incorrectly with ground spell effects (such as Firewall)
  • Onslaught (Hand of Justice):
    • Size of damage radius now matches that of other effect radii while spinning (3.5m)
    • Maximum number of targets is now the same for pull, stun and damage while spinning (10 enemies)
  • Vile Curse (Cursed Staffs) now triggers AoE escalation (for example via Area of Decay) as intended
  • Tier 5 and 7 Rock Elementals have relearned their Tremor spell
  • Additional graphical, animation, audio, terrain, and localization fixes