Version 18.020.1

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Call to Arms Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1
Date 31 March 2021
Version 18.020.1
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Hotfix 2.1

New Hide Mob and Mount: Moose

  • Moose have been added to the forest biome as a T6 Hide Mob
  • Their lootable offspring (Moose Calf) can be grown into adults in a pasture
  • Grown Moose can be saddled and ridden as a mount
  • Moose share a Mount Skin category with Giant Stags


  • Significantly increased Faction Points awarded for PvP knockouts and kills
  • Using a new Randomized Dungeon Map now cancels your previous reservation
  • Added Hellgate Infamy to player stats menu
  • Hellgates: decreased lava speed by 30%
  • Respawn time for Faction Outpost bosses: 90s → 30s (NPC respawns are still temporarily blocked if the outpost has recently been contested)
  • Players entering a new Hellgate will now always receive a protection bubble
  • [MOBILE] Joystick Controls: Added an "Attack Closest Target" Option to enable the Attack Button selecting the closest target to you if a previous target was not selected manually
  • Significantly improved the feedback when receiving Faction Points for both the combat log and overhead messages
  • Marketplace mails will now be deleted after 30 days (previously 60)


  • Faction Warfare: resolved an issue that could result in a player respawning at an Outpost in lethal zones
  • Fixed an issue where equipping via Loadouts did not handle Destiny Board locked items correctly
  • Corrupted Dungeons: visual effects for Infernal Horror's "Liquid Fire" spell now stay visible for the whole duration
  • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where resetting the Interface or Control options would not update certain settings
  • Additional minor graphical, terrain, UI, and localization fixes