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Lands Awakened Patch 6
Date 02 March 2022
Version 19.060.1
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Hotfix 6.1

Controller Support Beta

Controller support has been added to the game, allowing players to use Xbox controllers, Playstation Dualshock, and other standard/similar PC-compatible controllers. This patch also includes Steam Deck support for Steam players. This patch is considered the start of public testing for this feature, which will be further developed and optimized.

Might and Favor Increased

Increased Might and Favor granted by various activities:

  • Might and Favor acquired through Gathering/Fishing (Outlands and Roads): + ~31%
  • Might and Favor acquired through PvE (Outlands and Roads): + ~23%
  • Might and Favor from Crystal Spiders: +5%
  • Might and Favor from Siphoning Mages: +10%
  • Might and Favor from winning in Corrupted Dungeons: +20%
  • Might and Favor from Hellgates: +15%

For a complete list of changes to Might and Favor, along with Might Levels, see this forum post:

Crystal League Changes

Updated Crystal League Map

5v5 Crystal League matches now use an updated version of the former Steppe Territory (also known as "Resource2") GvG Map. This new map should make it significantly harder to hold three caps for one team, which offers increased comeback potential and should lead to more dynamic and exciting matches. The old Crystal League map is still available for scrim matches.

Crystal League Match Changes

5v5 Crystal League:

  • Respawn Time (at match start): 10s → 15s

Match Rewards Improved

The Crystal League Match Rewards have been improved significantly. Together with the new map, this should incentivize more players to try the Crystal League and experience thrilling PvP matches. See this forum post for more details:

Randomized and Static Dungeon Changes

Since the Lands Awakened update, Static Dungeons (i.e. dungeons with a permanent placement and layout in the open world) upgrade at random times, offering increased mob numbers and rewards. With this patch, the same random upgrades affect Randomized Dungeons throughout the open world:

  • This affects Randomized Dungeons of all tiers and zone types, and includes both Solo (green) and Group (blue) Dungeons
  • Dungeons that are in an elevated mob / rewards state are indicated by updated visuals on the dungeon entrance

Additionally, in Static Dungeons, some mobs have been adjusted to maintain the effectiveness of groups against them while making it harder for players to kill them solo:

  • Guard Lieutenant, Commander of the Guard (Morgana):
    • Increased time between casts to allow for more auto-attacks
    • Increased Attack Speed
  • Cryomancer, Master Cryomancer (Undead):
    • Cooldown of Frostbolt 4s → 8s to allow for more auto-attacks
    • Increased Attack Speed

Automatic Silver Pickup

  • Silver is now, by default, picked up automatically. This can be disabled via a new option in General Settings. Details:
    • Silver is not automatically picked up if it is protected, if the player is mounted, or if it would result in the termination of an effect that manual pickup would normally cause (e.g. invisibility or protection buffs acquired from changing regions)
    • Silver is automatically picked up immediately after these temporary effects expire
    • Silver can still manually be picked up, which results in the usual termination of temporary effects that are normally ended by world interaction
  • This replaces the pickup behavior previously available only on mobile, and should result in a much smoother experience on mobile devices

Party Marker Improvements

  • Party markers on non-party players now persist through zone changes, as other party markers have since Patch 4
  • Additionally, based on community feedback, party markers now remain on characters even after death

"Hideout Under Attack" State

  • Improved feedback for characters inside Hideouts that are currently under attack: a musical and ambience change now accompanies the attack messages, along with visual effects that better communicate the outside state while the Hideout is actively being damaged

Debuff Immunity Rework

Previously, immunity to certain debuffs was set up such that triggered effects intended to ignore immunity did not. This has been reworked to allow certain unique systems to overlook immunity. Examples:

  • When using a portal invisibility shrine after being force-dismounted, the immunity to Silence was canceling the Silence aspect of the shrine. Since shrines are triggered by the player, the Silence effect now ignores the immunity.
  • When the Smart Cluster Queue activated after a forced dismount, the Stun effect of being moved to a different zone was ignored. The Smart Cluster Queue Stun effect now always applies to players moved via this system.

Looting Dismount Changes

Hostile Dismount status now prevents looting of killed hostile players. Additionally, players must now dismount before looting a killed player. This change was made for two reasons:

  • To require a greater commitment to potential PvP while looting in combat situations, bringing greater risk to a previously easy reward
  • To prevent players from accidentally losing their shield bubble when clicking on a corpse, which is often used to bait less experienced players into being easily attackable

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Added option to create Loadouts while inspecting another player and via Kill / Death Screen details
  • Treasure Mobs (i.e. animals with 30 gatherable Hide charges, added with the Lands Awakened update) now remain on the minimap until fully harvested – previously their markers disappeared upon death
  • Rare fish of all types are no longer biome-exclusive, and now have a small chance to be caught in other select biomes
  • Added additional info to Marketplace Sell Order notifications when items sell above their original asking price
  • Updated knockback behavior of Energy Vortices to feel more responsive and reactive
  • Improved behavior of rotatable channeling spells in situations with worse ping
  • Opening treasure chests now always requires a channel, even if the chest has already been opened by another player
  • Crescent Slash (Double-Bladed Staff) has been renamed to Soaring Swipe to distinguish it from the E ability of Clarent Blade
  • The Earthkeeper Shaman in Group Randomized Dungeons now marks possible targets of her melee attack

Combat Balance Changes

Arcane Staffs

To make Mimic more flexible and less punishing, stealing an ability no longer triggers the cooldown if the ability is not used.

  • Mimic (all Arcane Staffs):
    • Timeout Cooldown 20s → 0s


Blood Bandit had offered too much sustain in solo PvE, making it possible to reliably solo a lot of content not intended for solo players. To reduce its self-sustain, the Lifesteal effect is now limited to one target and can be triggered less frequently. To improve its damage and utility, however, it can now be cast twice in a row.

  • Blood Bandit (Battleaxe):
    • Can now be used twice in a row
    • First use deals physical damage depending on the Rending Bleed Charges on the target and immediately resets the cooldown.
      • Stacks: 0/1/2/3
      • Damage: 175/200/225/250
    • Second use deals 110 physical damage and heals the caster based on the Rending Bleed Charges of the first enemy hit. (This heal only applies for the first enemy hit; consecutive hits do not grant additional healing).
      • Stacks: 0/1/2/3
      • Self-Heal: 50/80/110/150
    • Time Window for the second activation 10s
    • Cooldown: 10s → 20s


To make Forge Hammers a more interesting option in the combat meta, Giant Steps has been reworked to no longer revolve around an auto-attack buff. Instead, a new ability is now available while in giant form, whereby the hammers are repeatedly slammed into the ground in front of the caster. This deals constant physical damage in an AoE radius.

  • Giant Steps (Forge Hammers):
    • Removed Attack Damage Buff
    • While Giant Steps is active, the caster can use the new ability Giant Smash:
      • Effect: Slam hammers on the ground, dealing 75 physical damage in a 4m radius
      • Cooldown: 1.2s
      • Range: 4m
      • Energy Cost: 0
      • The ability can be used repeatedly, as long as Giant Steps is active

Holy Staffs

Holy Touch was slightly underrepresented in the game, so to once again make it a force to be reckoned with in 2v2 Hellgates, its Healing output has been increased slightly.

  • Holy Touch (Lifetouch Staff):
    • Heal per tick 50 → 55

Nature Staffs

Spirit Animal had of late not seen much use in large group scenarios, with players often relying on Wild Staff instead. To make it more attractive in its intended setting, the maximum group size it can affect has been increased, along with its immediate heal.

  • Spirit Animal (Rampant Staff):
    • Max targets affected 10 → 15
    • Instant Healing by the Elk: 60 → 110


Run and the various Sprint abilities had fulfilled a similar role. To offer more flexibility on the shoe slot, Run has been replaced with Dodge on all shoes. This allows all Shoes to switch to an ability with invulnerability. Meanwhile, the Sprint abilities on all shoes have been adjusted to take on the mobility role. Assassin Shoes also have the new ability Swift Cut, which provides additional damage from the shoe-slot at the expense of some mobility.

  • All Shoes:
    • Run ability has been removed
    • Dodge ability can now be used by all shoes
  • All Gathering Workboots:
    • Added Rejuvenating Sprint as an additional ability choice (this change gives all gathering boots 4 abilities)
  • Energetic Sprint (all Cloth Sandals):
    • Duration: 3s → 5s
    • Move Speed bonus: 100% → 80%
    • Energy per second 3.92 → 4
    • Total Energy gained: 11.76 → 16
  • Refreshing Sprint (all Leather Shoes):
    • Duration: 3s → 5s
    • Move Speed bonus: 100% → 80%
    • Cooldown: 30s →  32.5s
    • Cooldown Reduction: 49% →  33.33%
  • Rejuvenating Sprint (all Plate Boots):
    • Duration: 3s → 5s
    • Move Speed bonus: 100% → 80%
    • Health per second 20.48 → 20
    • Total Health gained 61.44 → 80
  • Assassin Shoes:
    • Dodge is now first-slot ability, replacing Run (see above)
    • New third-slot ability added, Swift Cut:
      • Dash behind a targeted enemy and deal 102 physical damage
      • Cooldown: 12s
      • Range: 11m
      • Energy Cost: 0


With recent changes that increased the survivability of mounts, Pest Lizards became quite oppressive in an offensive role. When used to follow hostile armies into the battlefield and sneak away with the loot of players dying in large fights, they provided too much value with too little risk. Therefore, Toxic Reaction and Toxic Cloud have had their radius and duration reduced, with the former also having its cooldown increased. In addition to these changes, the Looting Dismount Changes introduced with this patch (see above) will increase the risk of such tactics.

  • Pest Lizard:
    • Move Speed Bonus: 110% -> 103%
    • Toxic Reaction:
      • Area Radius: 6m → 5m
      • Area Duration: 3s → 2.75s
      • Fear Duration: 3s → 2s
      • Cooldown: 60s →  90s
    • Toxic Cloud:
      • Area Radius: 6m → 5m
      • Area Duration: 3s → 2.75s
      • Fear Duration: 3s → 2s


The short-range protection bubble from a Hideout made it very difficult to defend a Hideout that is under attack. The original reason for this bubble’s short range was to prevent players from hopping safely between Hideouts. Since entering Hideouts (when not set as Home) now requires a channel, the protection bubble no longer needs to be limited in this way, and its range has therefore been increased.

  • Max distance that can be traveled while keeping invulnerability bubble: 15m → 50m


  • Fixed an issue where dead players would trigger Hostile Dismount status
  • Fixed issue where melee attacks could hit after attacker death
  • Fixed an issue where Sell Order Completed notifications always showed the original sell order value, even if the items sold for a higher price
  • Fixed a rare issue in Hellgate party creation which could lead to players in a party still being attackable to each other
  • Removed Max HP Buff from Stonestream Lurcher as it was incorrectly overlapping with the buff of Stonestream Lurcher Sandwich – the Sandwich now correctly adds the Max HP Buff on top
  • Numerous additional graphical, animation, terrain, UI, audio, and localization fixes