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Siege Camps

Siege Camps are special locations on the world map that guilds can use to launch attacks on resource territories, however, it may also be used as storage for individual players and also can be pacified by guilds to prevent other guilds from using them to launch attacks from.

These Siege Camps are located all across the world map and allow guild's that do not own territory the opportunity to gain a shot at it. It costs the equivalent of 3,000 gold in Silver to launch an attack from the Siege Camp. Attacks must be launched during the appropriate timeslot. If you open the worldmap and click on a Siege Camp you can see when the next attack can be launched.

However, guild's can stop the Siege Camp from being used to launch on their territory by also going there at the appropriate time and pacifying the Siege Camp. Pacifying is free, however, it requires a player to channel for it to be pacified and this can be interrupted if the player takes damage. If successfully pacified this means that no attacks can be launched from the Siege Camp.

Siege Camps also work as a local chest and storage area and have a battlevault where player's participating in the launched attack store their gear.