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This feature has been removed completely due to changes within the territory control mechanic.

Siege camp launching on a nearby farm territory.

Siege Camps

Siege Camps (sometimes called War camps or WC) are structures that can be interacted with by players in a guild during their active time. Their main purpose is to launch on resource territories or farm territories. siege camps can also be used to store items.

Siege Camps can be found in all portal zones and some other map squares around the black zones or in red zones within the royal continent. It costs the equivalent of 3,000 gold in Silver to launch an attack from the Siege Camp.

Banking at the Siege Camp

Siege camps can be used to store any item in a personal bank at any time. Under the first tab, you can store any item including untradeable items like tomes of insight or silver bags. The battle vault tab can be used to store only equipment items. All items within the battle vault section will be taken into a GvG if an attack is launched from the siege camp in the same zone.

In a red zone, anyone who enters the red circle around the siege camp will enter an unrestricted PvP zone where any other players within the unrestricted PvP zones can attack and kill each other without losing reputation unless they are in a party, guild or alliance with each other.

Launching an Attack

Siege camps can be used to launch attacks only on territories within the same zone as the siege camp itself. The only exception to this rule is launching on a royal city from the world boss map squares.

There are two active times for siege camps, 3:00 UTC and 18:00 UTC. You can see when the next active time is available by clicking on the Siege camp from the world map. During this time a player with the Attack Territory or Pacify War camp rights can launch an attack or pacify the war camp after a brief channel that can be canceled at any time by the player or canceled by any damage.

Siege camps can only be launched from or pacified once per active time. Pacifying a siege camp disables the ability to launch from the siege camp until the next active time.

After launching from a Siege camp, a 5 versus 5 GvG battle will be scheduled for the next available time slot with a minimum of at least 20 hours from the time the attack was launched. This time can be seen from the top of the local map on any map square. A team of 5 players from the guild that launched the attack can join the GvG match. When the scheduled time hits the 5 players will be teleported into the defending territory as long as they have nothing in their inventory or equipment equipped and are within the zone where the attack was launched. Participating players can withdraw their items only from the battle vault section of the siege camp bank.

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
2 December 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 10 and Hotfix 10.1Siege Camps will be removed from the game. Items in their chests will move as follows:
  • Outlands Siege Camps: these have been replaced with new Outlands Banks. Items can be recovered from these banks for free; creating a new usable tab requires the usual Silver fee.
  • Royal Continent Siege Camps: items can be retrieved from the Recovery tab at the Bank of Caerleon.
31 July 2018Merlyn UpdateSiege Camps: Added four new siege camps to the Royal continent to compensate for the conversion of two yellow clusters into to red ones in each biome (see above), and also to balance the amount of available siege camps in different time regions. New camps appear in:
  • Wispwhisper Marsh
  • Cairn Gorm
  • Cairn Fidair
  • Creag Morr