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An image of the paper doll illustrating weight at 3%

Items in Albion Online have weight. The more that is carried, the greater the burden. As long as weight remains under 100% then a player will be able to move at a standard rate of 4.8 meters per second, this does not include abilities that increases speed. Above 100% weight a player will continue to move slower until reaching 800% weight at which point a player cannot move at all.

Movement Rate

Encumbrance Movement Speed Multiplier Movement Rate Notes
0% - 100% 1 4.8 m/s
100% - 130% 0.8 3.8 m/s
130% - 160% 0.5 2.4 m/s Galloping becomes impossible.
160% - 180% 0.3 1.4 m/s
180% - 200% 0.15 0.72 m/s
200% - 800% 0.08 0.38 m/s
800%+ 0 0 m/s Movement becomes impossible.

Overcoming Burden

Base max load is 50kg but there are ways to increase this. Bags will increase the amount of weight that can be shouldered, the higher the tier, the greater their capacity. Mounts can greatly increase the amount of weight that can be carried when on the mount or within the area near the mount when dismounted. An Ox has enough capacity to move an entire town, but isn't as fast as other mounts. A horse, while faster than an Ox, cannot carry as much as an Ox. Meanwhile, a Donkey is a little faster than an Ox but can carry more than a Horse. When gathering materials used in crafting it is common to see gatherers far exceed their capacity while using a mount. Meanwhile, a player without a mount will have to make multiple gathering runs and at a much slower pace.

It is important to note that mounts too, have weight and generally speaking, the larger the mount, and the higher the tier of the mount, the more it will weigh.

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