Worked Leather

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General Information

Worked Leather is a Tier 4 refined resource

Worked Leather is stackable; the maximum stack is 999

Players refine Worked Leather to sell on the Market Place or craft into various items

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft Worked Leather, players will need the following (Silver may be optional depending on the crafting station):

Nutrition Used Cost Resource Name Quantity
1.8 SilverCoins.png 18 Medium Hide 2
Thick Leather 1
1.8 SilverCoins.png 18 Medium Hide 1
Beastheart 1
Thick Leather 1

assuming station silver cost of 1000 per 100 nutrition used

Recipe Uses

The following recipes use Worked Leather:

Recipe nameIngredient
Adept's Assassin HoodWorked Leather (8)
Adept's Assassin JacketWorked Leather (16)
Adept's Assassin ShoesWorked Leather (8)
Adept's Battle BracersWorked Leather (20)
Steel Bar (12)
Adept's Black HandsWorked Leather (20)
Steel Bar (12)
Adept's Black Monk StaveAdept's Reinforced Morgana Pole (1)
Steel Bar (20)
Worked Leather (12)
Adept's BloodletterWorked Leather (8)
Steel Bar (16)
Adept's Hardened Debole (1)
Adept's Brawler GlovesSteel Bar (12)
Worked Leather (20)
Adept's Bridled FuryWorked Leather (20)
Steel Bar (12)
Adept's Bloodstained Antiquities (1)
Adept's BroadswordSteel Bar (16)
Worked Leather (8)
... further results

Types of Refined Leather