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The world of Albion Online is comprised of four zone types: Blue, Yellow, Red, and Black. These zones have different rules regarding PvP as well as what resources are available. The Royal Continent (which is the continent you will start in) has Blue, Yellow, and Red zones. The entirety of the Outlands is made up of black zones, and can only be accessed by Realmgates within each city.

Zone Quick Reference
Zone PvP? PvP Loot* Fame Multiplier Loot Multiplier
Blue No Knockdown 2.15 (+115%) 1.25 (+25%)
Expedition No Knockdown 1 0.5
Yellow, Non-lethal Hellgate Yes Knockdown 2.4 (+140%) 1.33 (+33%)
Hunter Corrupted Dungeon Yes Knockdown 3.2 (+220%) 1.33 (+33%)
Red Yes Full Loot 3.3 (+230%) 2.25 (+125%)
Black, Lethal Hellgate Yes Full Loot 4.2 (+320%) 2.6 (+160%)
Stalker Corrupted Dungeon Yes Full Loot 5.1 (+410%) 2.6 (+160%)
Slayer Corrupted Dungeon Yes Full Loot 3.5 (+250%) 2.6 (+160%)

Blue Zone

Safe zone

Blue zones are completely safe from PvP combat, unless you are Faction flagged. Deaths while enlisted for a city within the Faction Warfare system in blue zones will knock down the victim, taking 5% durability on all of their equipable items, and respawning them in their nearest faction outpost (if they own no outposts in the adjacent clusters, they will be de-flagged and respawn at the zone exit). Being knocked down by mobs in blue zones will also cause all equipable items to take a 5% durability loss.

Resources up to tier four can spawn in blue zones.

Yellow Zone

Yellow zone

Yellow zones are PvP zones with the highest restrictions second only to Blue zones. In the yellow zones, players may PvP flag (often referred to as "red" or "hard" flagging) to engage in PvP against other flagged and non-flagged players. Deaths as a result of red-flagged PvP will "knock out" the victim for three minutes and take 5% durability on all of their equipable items. Attacking unflagged players while red flagged results in reputation loss. Faction flagged players in yellow zones follow the same rules as they do in blue zones. The number of red-flagged players in the cluster is visible in the bottom right corner below the minimap, and updates every 10 seconds.

Resources up to tier five can spawn in yellow zones.

Hellgates and Corrupted Dungeons in Yellow zones do not result in full loot deaths, instead knocking down the player and kicking them out of the instance.

Red Zone

Red zone

Red zones feature full loot PvP in the open world for both faction warfare and PvP flagging. Attacking unflagged players while PvP flagged results in reputation loss. Death as a result of either of these PvP systems drops all of the player's equipped items and inventory.

The number of red-flagged players in the cluster is visible in the bottom right corner below the minimap, and updates every 10 seconds. Opposing faction flagged players are not displayed.

Resources up to tier six (VI) can spawn in red zones.

Hellgates and Corrupted Dungeons in Red zones are full loot.

Hellgates in Red zones have a soft item power cap at 1000; item power above 1000 is reduced by 50%.[2] Guild versus Guild battles has an item power cap of 800 IP. Item power above 800 is reduced by 80%.[1]

Black Zone

Black zone

Black zones are found in the Outlands or Roads of Avalon. Outlands are accessible via the Realmgates in the Royal Continent cities excluding Caerleon. Roads of Avalon are accessed by finding Avalon portals in any zone on the Royal Continent or Outlands. In black zones, full loot PvP is automatically enabled and there is no flagging system. All players may freely engage in PvP against each other, excluding their guild, alliance, and party without incurring reputation loss. Territories, castles, and castle outposts are found in the black zones, which all generate Season Points.

Resources up to tier eight can spawn in black zones.

Hellgates and Corrupted Dungeons in Black zones are full loot.


There are a few tips for going into the Black Zone:

  • When going into the Black Zone from a portal zone, utilize Invisibility Shrines near the exit.
  • When going into the next territory, always stay on the edge of the map.
  • Avoid traveling on roads, where you are more likely to encounter hostile players.
  • Remember, Black Zones are full loot PvP, so only bring items and equipment you aren't worried about losing.
  • The most active and dangerous zones are generally considered to be those within 1-2 zones of either a portal zone to the Royal Continent or Small towns.


  • The Roads of Avalon count as black zones, though some activities have increased bonuses.
  • Faction flagged players of rival factions are considered hostile towards one another in any zone.
  • Hostile players (red flagged) are considered hostile to all other players in yellow and red zones
  • Hostile players numbering 11 or more will cause a red colored blob to appear on the map.
  • Starting with Yellow zones faction flagged groups of 11 or more will make a blob in color of their faction.
  • Season Points can only be generated in the black zones.
  • Premium gives a 50% fame, gathering and loot bonus.
  • Expeditions have no fame bonus.

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
24 November 2021Lands Awakened Update
  • Rewards for open-world mobs overall increased
31 July 2018Merlyn UpdateFame factors for Red and Black Zones have been increased:
  • Red Zone: 2.5 → 2.75 (+10%)
  • Black Zone: 3.0 → 3.5 (+16.6%)