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Albion Online consist of four main zone types and one sub zone type. Three of the main zone types, blue, yellow and red zones, only appear on the Royal Continent. Black zones, the fourth main zone type, appears only in the outlands otherwise known as the continents of Anglia, Cumbria, and Mercia. Oberon Patch 5 brought two new continents to the world of Albion: Siluria and Glouvia. Hellgates, a sub zone type, are accessed from portals that exist in each of the four main zone types. Each of the main zone types has their own unique PvP rules.

Blue zone (PvP limited to Faction Warfare)

Safe zone

Outside of joining a faction, blue zones are completely safe from player versus player combat. Deaths within the faction warfare system in blue zones will still result in the victim dropping their equipped items, and inventory. Being knocked down by mobs in these zones will cause 10% of stackable items to be destroyed, and a 10% durability hit to all equippable items.

Blue zones have a soft item power cap of 700, with item power beyond 700 being reduced to 20% of its normal power.

Yellow zone (limited PvP, Faction PvP death, Hellgate death, GvG death)

Yellow zone

Yellow zones are PvP zones with the highest restrictions second only to blue zones. There is a farm territory in every yellow zone, these areas are protected by guild guards, and being in proximity to them will automatically flag the player for PvP. In these zones, players may red flag to engage in PvP against other flagged and non-flagged players. Players that are downed as a result of red flagged pvp will only be "Knocked out," sending them to their knees, causing a 10% loss in durability of gear and a 10% destruction of stackable items. Attacking players in such a fashion results in reputation loss. There is an indicator in the bottom right corner of the game UI, under the minimap, that indicates the number of red flagged players in a zone. Faction warfare can also occur in yellow zones. When health is reduced to zero as a result of faction warfare, death occurs, resulting in the players equipped items, and inventory being dropped.

Yellow zones are item power capped at 800, with all item power above 800 being scaled down by 80%.

Hellgates in yellow zones result in full loot deaths.[2]

Groups of players numbering 11 or more will cause a red blob to appear on the map.

Red zone (Restricted PvP death, Faction PvP death, Hellgate death, GvG death)

Red zone

Red zones feature full loot PvP in the open world for both faction warfare and PvP flagging. Attacking unflagged players as a result of PvP flagging results in reputation loss. If health is reduced to zero as a result of either of these PvP systems, all of the players equipped items and inventory will be lost. There is an indicator in the bottom right UI under the minimap indicating the number of red PvP flagged players in the zone. Red zones have guild resource territories.

Red zones do not have an item power cap in the open world.

Hellgates in red zones have a soft item power cap at 1000; item power above 1000 is reduced by 50%.[2]

Guild versus Guild battles have an item power cap of 800 ip. Item power above 800 is reduced by 80%.[1]

Groups of players numbering 11 or more will cause a red blob to appear on the map. Faction flagged groups of 11 or more will make a blob of the same coulor as the faction appear.

Black zone (open PvP)

Black zone

Black zones are found exclusively in the outlands continents of Anglia, Cumbria and Mercia. Farms, resource towers, castles, and village territories can all be found in the black zones. All resource territories, regardless of zone tier, have tier 8 resource nodes. In black zones all players are automatically PvP flagged and may freely engage in PvP against each other, excluding their guild and alliance, without incurring reputation loss.

Hellgates in the black zone follow the same rules as red zones as these hellgates are linked.

Guild versus Guild battles are capped or not based on the continent in which they take place.

Groups of players number 11 or more will cause a red blob to appear on the map.