Plate Armor Artifact

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General Information

Armor Artifacts may be crafted into armor or salvaged at a repair station

Armor Artifacts are considered stackable items and will stack up to 999 per stack

Plate Armor Artifact Types

Tier Armor Slot Item Name Used to Craft
4 Head Adept's Ancient Padding Adept's Graveguard Helmet
5 Head Expert's Ancient Padding Expert's Graveguard Helmet
6 Head Master's Ancient Padding Master's Graveguard Helmet
7 Head Grandmaster's Ancient Padding Grandmaster's Graveguard Helmet
8 Head Elder's Ancient Padding Elder's Graveguard Helmet
4 Chest Adept's Ancient Chain Rings Adept's Graveguard Armor
5 Chest Expert's Ancient Chain Rings Expert's Graveguard Armor
6 Chest Master's Ancient Chain Rings Master's Graveguard Armor
7 Chest Grandmaster's Ancient Chain Rings Grandmaster's Graveguard Armor
8 Chest Elder's Ancient Chain Rings Elder's Ancient Chain Rings
4 Shoes Adept's Ancient Bindings Adept's Graveguard Boots
5 Shoes Expert's Ancient Bindings Expert's Graveguard Boots
6 Shoes Master's Ancient Bindings Master's Graveguard Boots
7 Shoes Grandmaster's Ancient Bindings Grandmaster's Graveguard Boots
8 Shoes Elder's Ancient Bindings Elder's Graveguard Boots
4 Head Adept's Demonic Scraps Adept's Demon Helmet
5 Head Expert's Demonic Scraps Expert's Demon Helmet
6 Head Master's Demonic Scraps Master's Demon Helmet
7 Head Grandmaster's Demonic Scraps Grandmaster's Demonic Scraps
8 Head Elder's Demonic Scraps Elder's Demonic Scraps
4 Chest Adept's Demonic Plates Adept's Demon Armor
5 Chest Expert's Demonic Plates Expert's Demon Armor
6 Chest Master's Demonic Plates Master's Demon Armor
7 Chest Grandmaster's Demonic Plates Grandmaster's Demon Armor
8 Chest Elder's Demonic Plates Elder's Demon Armor
4 Shoes Adept's Demonic Filling Adept's Demon Boots
5 Shoes Expert's Demonic Filling Expert's Demon Boots
6 Shoes Master's Demonic Filling Master's Demon Boots
7 Shoes Grandmaster's Demonic Filling Grandmaster's Demon Boots
8 Shoes Elder's Demonic Filling Elder's Demon Boots
4 Head Adept's Carved Skull Padding Adept's Judicator Helmet
5 Head Expert's Carved Skull Padding Expert's Judicator Helmet
6 Head Master's Carved Skull Padding Master's Judicator Helmet
7 Head Grandmaster's Carved Skull Padding Grandmaster's Judicator Helmet
8 Head Elder's Carved Skull Padding Elder's Judicator Helmet
4 Chest Adept's Preserved Animal Fur Adept's Judicator Armor
5 Chest Expert's Preserved Animal Fur Expert's Judicator Armor
6 Chest Master's Preserved Animal Fur Master's Judicator Armor
7 Chest Grandmaster's Preserved Animal Fur Grandmaster's Judicator Armor
8 Chest Elder's Preserved Animal Fur Elder's Judicator Armor
4 Shoes Adept's Inscribed Bindings Adept's Judicator Boots
5 Shoes Expert's Inscribed Bindings Expert's Judicator Boots
6 Shoes Master's Inscribed Bindings Master's Judicator Boots
7 Shoes Grandmaster's Inscribed Bindings Grandmaster's Judicator Boots
8 Shoes Elder's Inscribed Bindings Elder's Judicator Boots
4 Head Adept's Exalted Visor Adept's Helmet of Valor
5 Head Expert's Exalted Visor Expert's Helmet of Valor
6 Head Master's Exalted Visor Master's Helmet of Valor
7 Head Grandmaster's Exalted Visor Grandmaster's Helmet of Valor
8 Head Elder's Exalted Visor Elder's Helmet of Valor
4 Chest Adept's Exalted Plating Adept's Armor of Valor
5 Chest Expert's Exalted Plating Expert's Armor of Valor
6 Chest Master's Exalted Plating Master's Armor of Valor
7 Chest Grandmaster's Exalted Plating Grandmaster's Armor of Valor
8 Chest Elder's Exalted Plating Elder's Armor of Valor
4 Shoes Adept's Exalted Greave Adept's Boots of Valor
5 Shoes Expert's Exalted Greave Expert's Boots of Valor
6 Shoes Master's Exalted Greave Master's Boots of Valor
7 Shoes Grandmaster's Exalted Greave Grandmaster's Boots of Valor
8 Shoes Elder's Exalted Greave Elder's Boots of Valor